Product Spotlight: SLIM Tiles  

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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 5: Niro Ceramic Group has launched Malaysia’s first slim tiles “SLIM”, a breakthrough product which caters to both property developers and homeowners.
The latest SLIM series is super light and thin, at only 6mm thickness, with guaranteed durability compared to conventional tiles that are 11mm to 18mm thick. It’s the latest addition to the Niro Granite series, which only weighs just over one kilogram per square foot with 50 percent lighter than the conventional-sized tiles.
Carrying its motto of super thin, super light, the tiles are versatile as it is easier to cut and shape into any desirable design according to one’s creativity. The versatility allows homeowners and contractors to play with unique designs to fill spaces. In addition, the tiles can be installed on top of an existing tiled floor, reducing up to 75 per cent installation time and making renovations easier and eco-friendly to the environment.

Guests visit and experience the Niro Granite SLIM exhibition at Niro Ceramic Group lobby.

“After the first Slip-Stop technology product in Malaysia, Niro Granite SLIM is another innovative product from Niro Ceramic Group,” Michelle Johnson, Marketing General Manager of Niro Ceramic Group said.
“The innovation of SLIM tiles is a key milestone for Niro Ceramic Group.
“Not only does it offer various benefits to homeowners and contractors due to the products’ versatility and durability, but it also offers easier renovations in terms of workmanship, as well as  supporting creative ideas to achieve fancier shape tile designs for the modern home lifestyle.”
The ability for SLIM tiles to be installed over existing flooring removes the need for hacking resulting in less noise pollution and air pollution due to the scattering of dust and wastage of old tiles that end up in landfills.
SLIM tiles use 35 per cent less raw materials during production, which leads to lesser greenhouse gas emissions and more energy savings. 

Ian Kok, Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group, shares the uniqueness of Niro Granite SLIM to the crowd during the launch event.

“The launch of Niro Granite SLIM is in line with our sustainability effort in minimising wastage, utilising non-renewable resources in a manner that is as efficient as possible. It is also part of our ESG commitments to continue catering to the demands for sustainable building materials, as awareness is on the rise globally,” she adds.
This new addition – SLIM is stain-resistant and comes in various designs and surfaces of marble and stones in various colours, where it is perfect for higher floor renovations, floor-to-ceiling wall tile installation and ideal for internal lift walls and floors without the risk of adding too much load that usually causes sinking issues.
With its slim feature, it requires less packaging to pack the tiles, needs less effort and time to transport, resulting in more fuel savings.

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