Christmas Gift Guide #1

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By June Ramli

Sydney, Sept 30: It has been raining products here at in the lead-up to Christmas. With only three months to go till the year ends, we have decided to start an early gift guide compilation this time around in the lead-up to everyone’s favourite holiday of the year – Christmas and New Year celebrations.
This would be a four-part series giving you some ideas on what you should get your loved ones this Christmas, with one guide appearing each month in the lead-up to the holidays.
In this guide, we will be featuring four products that we recently received in the last two months that are all less than AU$200.

Happy Socks

Happy Socks.
The co-join socks are designed for lovebirds by Happy Socks.

First up let’s start with a cheap yet practical gift idea. If you are looking for a cool pair of socks to compliment your outlook on a daily basis then you have come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your loved ones or for yourself. But when it comes to your footwear needs, might we tickle your fancy with some bright-looking pairs of socks from Happy Socks? This Swedish brand has something for everyone including the lovebirds. I was particularly taken aback by the classic pair of crew socks and a conjoined design which I felt would be perfect for lovebirds and impractical jokesters. A 2-in-1 or rather a 4-in-3 design. This two-pack includes a pair of classic crew socks and a conjoined pair because I was told the company loves to experiment! These socks are great and even after a few washes, the colour and the elasticities still remains the same as it once was as a brand new pair of socks. For me, I think this gift would be best given to your colleagues during the upcoming Secret Santa event in your office. The cost of these socks varies but the good news is that everything is under AU$50. Verdict: Worth every dollar!

Blunt Umbrellas

Blunt Umbrellas.
Blunt Umbrellas.

The next practical gift idea, we have for you are these Blunt Umbrellas. These are not just any umbrellas. They are gold-standard environment friendly umbrellas that are practically great sturdy gifts for both work and play. We interviewed the founder last year who told us how he got his humble start. This is a great inspiring story to listen to if you have 30-minutes to spare. The product comes with great packaging and parts of the umbrella are easily replaceable if it falls apart. All Blunt umbrellas comes in a variety of colours. It is a bit pricey when compared to other umbrellas but that is because this is a tardy product that aims to take you through the years and if it breaks, you can send it of to be repaired. Prices vary and the majority of the umbrellas are less than AU$200 per piece. Verdict: Worth every dollar.

JBL Flip 6 Speakers

JBL Flip 6 Speakers.

The next gift idea that I have in mind is these portable and waterproof American JBL Flip 6 speakers that are great for both indoor and outdoor activities. These are great gifts for teenagers or anyone who are into techie items. I love that the speakers help enhance the audio on our laptops or even iPads while we are watching something on Netflix or YouTube. A great sound enhancer to have especially for those interested in DJing as this device can easily be paired with your laptop, mobile etc through Bluetooth. These brand new speakers cost AU$169.95 per piece. Verdict: Worth every dollar.


Biotech beauty: the plant hormone turned ‘super-antioxidant’ touted as skincare’s next big ingredient.
Biotech beauty: the plant hormone turned ‘super-antioxidant’ touted as skincare’s next big ingredient.

And last but not least, might I tickle your fancy with a product idea from the land Down Under – Australia. Enbacci is an Australian-made emerging skincare from Melbourne. This three-step system, which includes an antioxidant-rich gel cleanser, facial mist and moisturising crème, is designed to protect skin from free radical damage and reverse the signs of premature ageing by extending epidermal cell activity and encouraging the proliferation of new cell development. All three products are priced just under AU$200, these products are a joy to use and are highly recommended by us to anyone who is interested in gifting skincare products to their loved ones this year. If you’d like to know the backstory of how this product got its start, read the full story here. Verdict: Worth every dollar. And there you have it, our maiden Christmas gift guide is finally done and dusted for this month. Till our next update, be well.  

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