Product Spotlight: Lük Beautifood

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Food scientist, hall of fame and CEO of award-winning Lük Beautifood, Cindy Lüken, has developed the Modern Beauty Standard that was the first of its kind in the Australian market to align with the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Lük Beautifood has always been a forward-thinking brand with its green and clean approach to cosmetics that led to positive category disruption over the last 10 years and 999,986 lips nourished. Now, modern business accountability means so much more than this, and again, Lük Beautifood is the mover and shaker in what true business accountability means.

Cindy Lüken.

Again proving that sometimes it is the smallest businesses that show the most initiative in bigger accountability, the Modern Beauty Standard is a 24-step initiative that serves as a roadmap to guide all areas of business operation by ensuring full ingredient transparency and product safety, improved customer experience and cultural representation, reduced plastic waste and carbon emissions, greener energy consumption and responsible manufacturing, more impactful community-led campaigns, and greater award and industry certifications.
Each step in the Modern Beauty Standard is built on the consideration of people, planet and product with their trademarked triple C formula of clean, consciousness and credibility.
“Consumers are looking for leadership from brands.
They’re calling on beauty companies to lift the lid on their ingredients, end the use of confusing jargon and greenwashing, prioritise their customer’s health, and do more to protect the environment.
“Across the world, we’re seeing them actively switch to brands that align with their values,” Lüken said.
“A recent UK survey of 2,000 women by beauty and wellness retailer Holland & Barrett showed 97 per cent want beauty brands to be more transparent about the ingredients in their products.
“And according to research by Futerra, Gen Z has uncompromising expectations on product transparency for social, health, environmental, and safety issues.
“This isn’t just looking to the future – the future is here already,” Lüken said.
“Sustainability is so much more than a green label and a promise to reduce plastic.
“It’s complex and impacts all areas of the business, including your supply chain.
“The Modern Beauty Standard unites our foundational pillars of Clean, Conscious and Credible.
“It translates the science and our ethos into practice, sets guidelines for how we work with our partners and manufacturers, and communicates what it means for our customers.”
“We’re bringing transparency across all core business activity from formulation to packaging, what we do and how we do it.

Ten years ago, Lük Beautifood pioneered the clean cosmetics movement; today, after 999,986 clean customers, they unveil The Modern Beauty Standard – a decade-long initiative that prioritises Clean, Conscious and Credible before Cost; and, People, Planet and Product before Profit.

This is about making it easier for our Lük women to understand what she’s putting on her skin, take control of her health and her impact, and have the confidence that we’ve got it covered.”
“The modern woman is looking for safe, clean formulations in products that work, she’s looking for a brand she can trust, for better packaging, and she’s looking to support small local businesses and for opportunities to support other women. “
“We know women are confused by complex ingredients, mistrusting of words they can’t pronounce and expect transparency in their beauty products, just like they do from the foods they eat. We’ve always used recognisable food ingredients to replace the petroleum-derived and synthetic nasties, but now we’ve applied that ethos of “doing good for people and the planet” more broadly across the company as we join our global leaders in creating better beauty,” Lüken said.
“Last September we took the first steps towards certifying as a ‘Business for Good’ by starting the process to become a BCorp. This next evolution of our company will see us elevate our positive impact across workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.”
Launched in 2012, Lük Beautifood was the original pioneer of the clean cosmetics movement in Australia with the release of its award-winning and 100 per cent natural, toxic-free Lip NourishTM cosmetic range.
Since then, the brand has continued to evolve its offering with a selection of vegan, semi-compostable Lipstick Crayons, and more recently, a botanical and nutrient-rich range of environmentally friendly lip and body care products.

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