Your Shot Update #3

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By June Ramli

I attended my second DJ training this week.
I have a new teacher this week.
He is really good but I think this class is too advanced for me.
I had to move classes because I needed to make way to attend this pitching session.
Most of the students in this class are definitely not beginners, they all look pretty experienced.
Oh well, I guess I have to start working extra hard and begin practising. 
This week, we learned some things on the deck and how to use RecordBox.
At this stage, I am still not confident, that I would put on a great show at my showcase.

How we learn how to DJ.

But the good news is that I am not nervous yet.
I guess, I need to start practising, that is the only way I can get over this hump.
All in all, this week, was similar to last week, more spinning and finding out what the buttons are for on the Pioneer DJ deck.
My problem is mashing two songs together and making them sound nice.
I now know how to turn on the decks without being confused and cue the songs correctly but I don’t know how to make them sync and sound nicely.
That is my problem and sometimes I do forget what or where everything is.
Anyway, I have a personal mixer, a small one that I purchased during the height of the pandemic.
I played it a few times in 2020 but it has been collecting dust ever since. 
I guess, I need to it back out and start spinning it and learning how to connect all the dots. 
Till my next update, be well. 

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