Your Shot Update #2

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By June Ramli

It was definitely a busy Tuesday for me but an exciting one nonetheless. 
I started the day by getting some work done with one of my other startups I was busy creating a three-minute pitch deck for that business and then when noon arrived, I was at my first practice session at Bodega Studios in Annadale
I had trouble finding the place and arrived 10 minutes late. Despite that, I had a swell time in class. 
The teacher DJs professionally around Sydney and said he would be one of the judges on the competition night.
While at the practised sessions he said professional DJs can earn anywhere from $75 to $100 per hour and that normally for unknown DJs with little to no experience, their first gigs are played for free, just so that venues can get a feel of how their performances are like. 

The tiny studio where our practice session takes place for the next six weeks.

After three hours of continuous practising on-site with the teacher on hand, we headed back home and then at 7.30 pm the same day, it was back to Home the Venue for our first compulsory meeting. 
Here, we were told that it would take some time for our professional DJ shots to come by as they were still in the editing process. 
But nonetheless, we were introduced to some of the past contestants who didn’t win the competition but were still making music and thriving in their own way.

Finally got into Your Shot after trying for five years.

Many joined the competition with zero experience but picked up steam along the way and are now involved in the Australian entertainment industry scene one way or the other.
But one thing that came across during those mini speeches was that practice is key if you want to get ahead in the competition.
Next, I saw two contestants that really stood out to me at the meeting, one man who looked lost and like a CIA agent in a three-piece suit and another lady who reminded me of Magda Szubanski.

The expensive mixers that we get to use during our practice sessions but if you break them then be prepared to pay for the cost of the damage.

I suddenly felt at ease when I saw those two because the majority of the contestants looked like uni students. No offence.
After the mini speeches were over, we all headed to the bar counter to give our DJ names and also which day we would like to perform on and pay our admin fee of $140.

This competition is not entirely free.

We were told that the admin fee is for all our marketing materials.
I think this administration fee is new because when I interviewed Kareime Baylis’s mum five years ago on his involvement with Your Shot for the Daily Mail she told me that the competition was free and that it was a great way for someone to get their feet wet if they were interested in becoming a DJ.
Oh well. Till my next update, be good. 

I have been trying to get into Your Shot since 2017 after I wrote this piece for Daily Mail.

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