Your Shot Update #1

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By June Ramli

I am officially starting my DJ practice next week. I cannot wait. My classes are on weekdays but workwise I am on a pretty flexible schedule at the moment so that is fine by me. 
I guess planning is key if I’d want to make this work. 
If you are thinking I am joining the competition to win, well, I can tell you right now that I am not, I am joining the competition just to learn a new skill and most importantly have loads of fun. 
But if I do win the competition, then that would be a big BONUS or more of an unexpected win. 
My top priority now is to attend my practice sessions and meetings diligently without missing anything as our attendance for all these meetings and training is compulsory and if you miss it without a valid reason, then you will be out of the competition.
The organisers have made that very clear to us.
So, this week, we got our training schedule and meeting dates sorted.

Thank you for this wonderful gift JBL Australia.

All the training for the NSW Group One will kickstart next week.
I am pretty sure it would go fine but I am super nervous because I have no idea what sort of showcase to put on for my maiden show.
But like everything else in life, I am pretty sure, I will be able to get through this as well.
Also, this week, I got a pretty sweet surprise from my favourite audio brand JBL Australia.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for gifting me with not one but two Flip 6 Bluetooth speakers. I love them to bits.
I have been testing them out for the last few days and my audio system has now improved by leaps and bounds thanks to JBL’s Flip 6.
I normally watch my favourite Netflix shows with my laptop and the sound quality of all these shows has now been improved thanks to the Flip 6
It is just like I am in the movies but I am not, instead I am in my room, watching my favourite shows on my laptop.
I also use the Flip 6 to listen to my favourite artists on Spotify and it has been great so far. 
The sound system is so good, that at times I feel like I am attending the artist concert themselves. 
Pairing the Flip with your computer, or your mobile phone is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
All you need to do is turn the Flip 6 on and your Bluetooth on and walla it gets all connected within minutes. 
Depending on where you purchase these beauties, these Flip 6 are not cheap, priced at  $169.95 per unit.
Pricey but it is worth every dollar, trust me on this. 
A more in-depth review of the Flip 6 product would be out on the website soon.

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