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Sydney, Aug 16: Global content creator company Jellysmack today announced the signing of one of Australia’s top food creators, Ann Reardon (pictured above) from How to Cook That, to its successful Creator Program. 
Food is one of Jellysmack’s most popular content verticals and its 100 culinary creator partners generated 20 billion views globally last year. This year alone, Jellysmack has added 23 cooking creators globally to its menu, including Korean chef YummyBoy (6.6 million subscribers), Brazilian eating channel Corbucci Eats (2.6 million), and La Ruta de la Garnacha (1.98 million subscribers) from Mexico. In Australia, Jellysmack already works with Vincenzo’s Plate (1.01 million subscribers) and Cupcake Savvy’s Kitchen (699,000 subscribers). 
Reardon, a qualified food scientist and dietitian, uploaded her first video to YouTube 11 years ago. Since then she has amassed almost 5 million followers, more than 800 million video views and a global audience from Australia to the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Top YouTube food creator ‘How to Cook That’ joins Jellysmack Australia’s Content Creator program.

Her love of food started as a young girl.
As a child, she loved to cook sweet treats and built up quite the recipe collection. She brings that same excitement and flair to her videos today. Among her most popular videos on YouTube are her debunking cooking videos and extravagant desserts, including the iPad cake with more than 38 million views and the Instagram mousse cake with 11 million views.
Reardon from How to Cook That has joined Jellysmack’s Creator Program to expand her audience reach and revenue opportunities across Facebook. She said that working with Jellysmack would provide her with even more opportunities to share her passion for food with a growing audience.
“I have always had a passion for food.
“People frequently asked me questions about the food I was cooking, so 11 years ago, after having my third child, I decided to start a food blog. I could never have imagined how that blog would grow on YouTube. I have had nearly 900 million views on my videos which is hard to get my head around,” she said.

Ann’s iPad cake recipe baked in 2014 has over 38 million views to date.

“Joining the Jellysmack Creator Program will give me an opportunity to expand my video content across Facebook and reach even more people. My audience is really engaged and always has lots of questions about cooking beautiful desserts as well as food myths and things they see people doing with food online. It is great to be able to share that with them in more ways.”
Jellysmack ANZ Country Manager, Ezechiel Ritchie said he was thrilled to be adding one of Australia’s top food creators to the Jellysmack Creator Program.
“Food is most definitely what’s for dinner at Jellysmack, and it’s why we have been beefing up our food content this year. We are thrilled to add ‘How to Cook That’ to our program,” he said.
“Ann from ‘How to Cook That’ goes beyond sweet treats and desserts, using her experience as a food scientist and dietitian to debunk food myths, and interrogate things we see online that aren’t accurate. She comes from a place of experience and delivers content that is highly engaging. It’s incredible to see the success she has had on her YouTube channel and we are looking forward to expanding that success across Facebook.
“It’s great to see a growing number of female creators building large global audiences and we are proud to have Ann join Australia’s best group of female creators at Jellysmack, including Nalopia, Nela Zisser, Annalise Wood and Karen from Cutting Edge Engineering.” 
The Jellysmack Creator Program leverages the company’s proprietary AI technology and first-party data to help individual video creators grow their audiences across multiple social platforms. Once a creator joins, Jellysmack uses its suite of tech tools and a team of experts to edit, optimise, and distribute videos onto Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube on behalf of the creator, thereby establishing new revenue streams. 
The Creator Program currently has more than 650 of the world’s most influential creators as partners, including megastars PewDiePie, MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, and Nas Daily.

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