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Welcome to our ‘News In Brief’ column in which we digest all the news releases for you in no more than five paragraphs. Below are snippets of all the media releases that we received from August 15 till the end of the week.

#DA2022 Officially Opens

Adelaide, Aug 15: Health Minister Mark Butler MP officially opened #DA2022, the largest annual gathering of professionals in nutrition and dietetics in Australia this morning in Adelaide. 
Butler addressed a crowd of almost 700 delegates at the Adelaide Convention Centre virtually, following a moving Welcome to Country performed by Senior Kaurna Man, Uncle Mickey Kumatpi O’Brien.
Butler acknowledged in his opening address the appalling state of nutrition in our aged care facilities.  
Dietitians Australia has been calling on the Morrison and now Albanese government to mandate malnutrition screening in aged care and for Accredited Practising Dietitians to conduct mandatory annual mealtime audits.
Butler acknowledged the role of Accredited Practicing Dietitians to solve the crisis in aged care.
“The Australian community was deeply shocked by the findings of the Royal Commission into aged care, that highlighted just how many of our most vulnerable Australians in aged care facilities were going without good nutrition – literally starving in their facilities,” Butler said.
“There has been some work undertaken by the former government and I applaud that, but there is more to do.
“We’re not going to be able to do that work without your (Dietitians Australia) support, your experience, your expertise, and your passion for this area,” Butler said.

Powerhouse’s Noble Act

Powerhouse connects former NASA astronauts with Western Sydney high school. Image supplied.

Sydney, Aug 15: Powerhouse has connected scientist and former NASA astronaut Dr Mary Ellen Weber with high school students from Western Sydney and regional NSW through Powerhouse: Future Space.
As part of the Lang Walker Family Academy In-Schools Program, Powerhouse: Future Space was launched in April 2022 in collaboration with and the NSW Department of Education. Through the program, students from Western Sydney and regional areas can access ground-breaking technologies, advanced educational opportunities and exposure to international scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.
“The Lang Walker Family Academy was excited to host Dr Mary Ellen Weber as part of our Powerhouse: Future Space program.
“Since the program launched in April 2022, high school students in Western Sydney and regional NSW have benefitted from unique opportunities to engage with industry experts and the International Space Station through on-the-ground hands-on experiences and virtual trials,” Sophie Poisel, Head of Lang Walker Family Academy said.

Sustainable Household Products In Demand

Shopee Sees 14 per cent Increase in Demand for Sustainable Household Products. Image supplied.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 15: Shopee is spotlighting more local and sustainable sellers to offer the best value for eco-friendly products to meet demand as more Malaysians become increasingly environmentally conscious.
According to Shopee’s data trends¹, users are searching for more eco-friendly household products such as solar lights, solar panels, and inverter air conditioners, with keyword searches higher by 14 per cent between Jan 1 to July 25 compared to the six months prior.
Users want to trust that what they buy is sustainable and beneficial for long-term use. 
By introducing Shop Green with Shopee, users can reach out to more eco-friendly sellers, learn more about sustainable living and habits, and inspire others to take action for the environment.
The surge in demand for eco-friendly alternatives reflects Malaysians’ greater awareness and desire for sustainable living. 
During the first half of 2022 versus the second half of 2021, Shopee sellers saw demand increase for biodegradable items that help the environment like reusable bags and biodegradable plates (19 per cent) and personal hygiene items such as natural deodorant, shampoos, and body soaps (33 per cent).

Gym Go2Fit Makes Aussie Debut

Game-Changing ‘High Value, Low Price’ Gym Go2Fit Makes Aussie Debut.

Queensland, Aug 15:  Aussie gym goers and fitness enthusiasts can look forward to a smart new way to train as high-value, low-price (HVLP) brand Go2Fit makes its Australian debut in the suburb of Sunnybank, Brisbane this October. 
With membership prices starting from AUD18.95 per week with no prepay or joining fee, Go2Fit is not just affordably priced, but also very well equipped with a wide range of cardio, strength and Olympic lifting equipment catering to all levels of gym goers – from the new-to-fitness customer to the more serious fitness lover. It keeps membership prices low by using technology as an enabler, self-service approaches, and a low staffing model.
“We’re extremely delighted at the recognition of GoFit’s no-frills concept as a game changer in the HVLP gym category, which effectively removes a barrier for those who cite cost as a reason for not exercising.
“With GoFit, we’ve successfully demonstrated that a budget gym brand can still be a modern, high-quality space for people to engage in fitness. We’re excited to partner with Jeremy and his team at Urban Active to open the first Aussie version of GoFit – Go2Fit – and the opportunity to work alongside them as they scale across Australia and beyond, “Chris Lee, Licensing Director, Evolution Wellness said.

Alaska Mining Sells To Australian Specialist

Alaska Mining Sells 51 per cent Interest to Australian Nanotechnology Specialist. Image supplied.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 15: Alaska Mining Sdn Bhd has announced that its sole shareholder, Lee Hon Kit, is selling a 51 per cent interest in the Company amounting to A$5 million (RM15.2 million) under a share sale agreement to Nanopac Alaska Sdn Bhd.
NASB is a unit of Nanopac Innovation Limited (“Nanopac”), which is listed on the Sydney-based National Stock Exchange of Australia.
Nanopac principally engages in the research and development, manufacturing, distribution and servicing of nanotechnology materials and products.
Nanopac’s other businesses include Nano-Solar panels and raw materials for the paint industry of which Lee is the sole shareholder of Alaska Mining, which is an earthworks and mining specialist as well as a trader of a variety of goods and logistics services provider.

Assetline Capital Supports Developers’ Forum

Assetline Capital supports developers as a board member of The Developers’ Forum.

Sydney, Aug 15: With rising construction costs, labour shortages and the prospect of regulatory change in the future, builders and developers are under more pressure than ever before.
Developers who want to stay successful need to put strategies into place now to get ahead of the changes.
The Developers’ Forum is an opportunity to connect with like-minded developers and other industry professionals to discuss the future of the building industry.
The next Developers’ Forum will be held on Wednesday 24 August at Rosehill Racecourse, Parramatta from 6 pm – 11 pm.
At the event, Assetline Capital’s George Khoury will participate in a panel discussion with other industry leaders on the board, focusing on current regulations, challenges and industry innovations.

Perfect Corp.’s Beauty SaaS Brand Console

Perfect Corp.’s Beauty SaaS Brand Console for AI Skin Analysis is Confirmed to Be HIPAA-Compliant.

New York, Aug 15: Perfect Corp, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, today announced that their Beauty SaaS Brand Console dedicated to AI Skin Analysis is compliant with the United States federal statute governing the security and privacy of protected health information (PHI).
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects health-related personal information. Compliance with HIPAA indicates that Perfect Corp. delivers industry-standard security procedures around personally identifiable health and health-related data coming from their proprietary AI Skin Analyzer solution.
This includes diagnosis data, clinical care data, and lab results such as images and test results.
With this certification, brands using Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin solution benefit from protection against PHI loss (private healthcare information loss), increased wellbeing of patients thanks to standards on handling patient sensitive data, as well as reduction of potential corporate liability.
On the end user side, patients can use Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Solution with full confidence, knowing that their personal data adhere to the HIPAA standards.

Affyn’s New NFT Collection Surpasses Demand

Affyn’s “Generation Zero Buddies” NFT Collection Reaches High of Over 30x Original Value Within Six Weeks of Launch.

Singapore, Aug 16: Singapore-based metaverse and play-and-earn gaming startup, Affyn, recently launched its inaugural “Generation Zero Buddies” (“Gen 0 Buddies” in short) Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection on Polygon.
The debut NFT collection experienced high demand and sold out within 100 seconds of listing and has increased more than 30 times in value on the secondary market.
While NFTs within the collection were initially sold for around USD 150 (2,995 $FYN) a piece, the limited availability of these NFTs drove their prices to new heights.
According to the latest market data, the floor price for Affyn’s “Gen 0 Buddies” NFTs has reached an average of about 5 ETH (about USD 9,000)* on OpenSea. Notable sales include that of Angelic Pigasus #1, the inaugural NFT launched by Affyn, for 10 ETH.
Following this event, the Affyn team will launch several other rounds of NEXUS World Land sales, commencing at the upcoming ALPHA: Our Journey from Zero to One” event on Sept 30.

“A Prime Minister Was Operating Rogue…”

Credit to Australia Today with Steve Price on LiSTNR.

Sydney, Aug 17: NDIS Minister and Former Labor Leader Bill Shorten was on Australia Today with Steve Price on LiSTNR today and made some interesting points regarding former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his additional powers.
“The serious issue here for people to consider is we’ve just found that a Prime Minister was operating rogue….The Parliament didn’t know, and the Cabinet didn’t know. It’s very unhealthy for our democracy, it trashes the institutions, “Shorten said.
“I hope to goodness that there’s no potential for legal challenges made by decisions during this time, that’s the last thing we need. I do think Mr Dutton and continuing members of the shadow Ministry need to explain what they knew. I think ultimately his resignation is a matter for the Liberal Party…I know what I would do if I was Scott Morrison”
“I think he didn’t trust his colleagues, I think he was a one-man band. The fact he went around the sneaky way and couldn’t be upfront is odd.”
“We’ve been a modern country since 1901. Ministers have got sick – it didn’t need the Prime Minister to secretly go down to the Governor General’s residence and swear himself in.”
“(If you were Josh Frydenberg) you’d feel stupid, you’d feel let down. You’d feel stupid because you gave your loyalty to a fellow who honestly didn’t trust you enough to say ‘Oh by the way Josh, I’ve created an unusual arrangement where I can also sign the same laws as you sign.”

Perfect Corp Launches A New Intuitive

Perfect Corp. Launches a New Intuitive Web Widget for the Virtual Try-on Makeup Online Service. Image supplied.

New York, Aug 17: Perfect Corp, the leading augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider today announced the launch of Makeup Virtual Try-On Online Service, the end-to-end solution set to empower indie beauty brands to take their businesses to the next level.
Bringing Virtual Try-On Capabilities to Indie Beauty Brands
The robust solution democratizes access to the award-winning tech that has been transforming e-commerce experiences in the beauty and fashion industries for consumers around the world. The deployment of Online services will allow small businesses to tap into the power of AI & AR virtual try-on technology and begin offering the immersive shopping experiences that consumers in the digital-first world have come to expect.
Introducing the Virtual Try-On Web Widget Designed for Lightning-Fast Deployment
The Online Service solution comes equipped with an all-new Virtual Try-On Web Widget. This innovative tool makes AR Virtual Try-On deployment easier than ever before. Brands and retailers using the solution will find the process quick and easy, removing all barriers to entry, and making the technology truly accessible to all.
Shifting the Paradigm with Online Service
“It is an absolute pleasure for us to be announcing the new Online Service solution,” said Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO, Alice Chang. “Widening the scope and reach of our innovations will undoubtedly translate into tangible growth for indie beauty brands and retailers and allow them to stand proudly alongside industry giants. We are excited to be offering our solutions to more and more brands of all sizes and look forward to seeing these technologies further integrate into modern-day e-commerce ecosystems.”

Wake Up Your Spicy Instinct With Nongshim’s 

 Wake Up Your Spicy Instinct with Nongshim’s NEW SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 17: Everyone’s favourite mouthwatering, flavoursome Korean noodles are introducing a new product offering of instant ramyun – creating a distinct spicy taste, SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun.
For those who are not a big fan of soup-based delicacies, SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun is the ultimate ramyun for you that tantalizes your taste buds to the fullest!
Presenting an authentic taste of Korea, SHIN Stir Fry Ramyun creates an intense flavour that packs a punch! Spicy with its distinctive mix of chilli, green onion, and special seasoning oil, it aims to release an explosion in your mouth.
This new addition to the SHIN family is especially filled with shitake mushrooms and fish cakes stamped with “辛” the iconic symbol of SHIN Ramyun.
Grab your Korean ramyun from super/hypermarkets and leading online stores such as Nongshim’s official online store on Lazada here

ChainUP Expands Global Presence

Blockchain Solutions Provider ChainUp Expands Global Presence with a New Office in South Korea.

Singapore, Aug 17: ChainUp, a global blockchain technology solutions provider, announced its expansion with a new office opening in Seoul, South Korea. While they are headquartered in Singapore, ChainUp currently has offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, and the United States.
With its office in South Korea, the company plans to strengthen its presence in the region and harness the market’s potential.
ChainUp provides businesses with a complete suite of blockchain solutions all within one platform. Its comprehensive solutions include digital asset exchange systems, NFT trading systems, wallet solutions, liquidity solutions, and digital assets custody and management. Since its founding in 2017, ChainUp has served more than 1,000 clients in 30 countries and regions, reaching over 60 billion end-users.
“The Web3.0 and blockchain industry in Korea is fast-growing and backed by strong government support. With our new office in South Korea, we aim to bring our comprehensive solutions to businesses in the region while fostering close partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem to promote technological advancements and industry developments,” Lee Sangwook, Head of Korea Office of ChainUp said.

HiBob Raises US$150M

Sydney, Aug 18: HiBob, the company behind Bob the HR platform transforming how organisations operate in the modern world of work today announced it has raised an additional $150 million in growth funding, just ten months after raising a $150 million series C in October 2021.
The latest round is underpinned by HiBob’s sixth consecutive year of triple-digit revenue growth, with continued support from investors including General Atlantic, Bessemer Venture Partners, and others.
With unemployment rates at record lows, the battle to attract and retain talent remains a top priority for modern businesses, even during an economic slowdown.
Flexible HR systems like Bob remain a mission-critical component in any modern organisation, particularly during dynamic periods characterised by uncertainty and change.
HiBob provides midsized and sub-enterprise businesses that employ many hundreds of people with an agile HR system that allows them to refine and optimise their people operations as efficient growth becomes a dominant theme across industry sectors.

Energy Stress Is On The Rise

Sydney, Aug 18: Energy stress is on the rise – the disadvantaged are most at risk.
Amid rising inflation and cost of living pressures, a new report reveals energy stress is widespread, with one in five Australian households experiencing some form of energy stress.
The report, Power Pain: An Investigation of energy stress in Australia, from the Brotherhood of St. Laurence (BSL), draws on data from Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia [HILDA], and finds that 18–23 per cent of households in Australia experienced at least one form of energy stress over the period 2006 to 2020.
‘Energy stress is experienced in various ways and particularly affects households experiencing disadvantage,” BSL’s Damian Sullivan, Principal, Research and Policy, Climate Change and Energy and co-author of the report said.
This may be reflected in not being able to pay a bill on time, having to forego heating or cooling to allow payment for other essentials such as medicine, or rationing energy use.’
The report also found renters, households with people who have a chronic disease or disability, the aged and sole parents are more likely to be in energy stress than the general population.

Eating Healthy Good For Household Budget

Sydney, Aug 18: New research on household family shopping baskets from the University of Wollongong has confirmed that eating a diet based on whole and fresh foods is still the cheapest option for most Australian families – despite CPI price hikes.
“While we have experienced a major fresh produce price crisis this year, it is heartening to see in this data that the average cost of eating a diet rich in seasonal fruit and vegetables is still the most affordable option in this country,” Dietitians Australia CEO Robert Hunt said.
“Individuals can’t go at this alone, we are lobbying hard for system-wide reform through the development of a National Nutrition Policy,” he said.
“This new research does provide some relief, that getting adequate fruit and vegetable intake could actually result in significant savings to the family budget if done well,” he said.
Professor Karen Charlton, Accredited Practising Dietitian and leading researcher in sustainable diets says the research conducted at the University of Wollongong in May 2022 found the following current diets are significantly more expensive than eating a nutritious and healthy diet, the average saving of a healthy diet ranges from $63 up to $78 per week, the data suggests low-income households spend some 33 per cent of their income on food, this percentage could be reduced to 27 per cent when eating a healthy diet and spending 30 per cent of household income on food places families in financial stress
The latest data from Illawarra was prepared using the ASAP tool developed by Professor Amanda Lee of the University of Queensland and supports what has been found in the largest global study of sustainable eating- Eat Lancet.

ALTY Empowers National Blind Football Team

ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital Empowers National Blind Football Team As Part of #Sports4All Campaign.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 18: ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital (ALTY), one of Malaysia’s first single-speciality orthopaedic hospitals through its #Sports4All campaign will be empowering the Malaysian Blind Football Team as a strategic healthcare partner.
The Malaysian Blind Football team comprise athletes with a full visual impairment classified as B1.
Through this partnership, ALTY will be providing support in the form of placing medical teams on standby during blind football matches, physio treatments during training, an assortment of sports tapes, pre-competition health screenings, and educational workshops on injury prevention and rehab for the visually impaired athletes.
The Malaysian Blind Football Team will also be receiving sports sprays and gel to better equip them throughout training and matches.

Australia’s Billion Dollar Dilemma

Sydney, Aug 18: Research by finance comparison website, Finder, identifies that 33 per cent of Australians have wasted money on unredeemed gift cards, totalling a whopping $1.8 billion in wasted funds.
Father’s Day is fast approaching and Australians are tipped to spend over $735 million – 14 per cent of which will be spent on gift cards. According to a study by Finder, 21 per cent of men are likely to let the funds expire.
Sarah Megginson, senior editor of money at Finder, said gift cards are a convenient gift for those who are tricky to buy.
“Gift cards have a reputation of being a lazy present, but it’s more practical than forking out for a present you’re not sure someone will like or use”.
A study by Roy Morgan on Father’s Day spending reveals the most popular gifts for dads are alcohol and food.

Healthy Meals From MR D.I.Y. 

The Healthy Meals by MR D.I.Y. programme has already benefitted 737 students;
also the recipients of ‘Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT)’ in five primary schools in Selangor.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 18: With the cost of living rising and family budgets under pressure, schools are seeing the rise of a worrying phenomenon – increasing cases of malnourishment amongst schoolchildren.  There is also a National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) report in 2019 showing that one in every five children in Malaysia is experiencing stunted growth.
Aiming to help combat these issues, Malaysia’s largest home improvement retailer MR D.I.Y Group [M] Berhad has activated a school aid programme to distribute milk, bread, and mineral water to primary schools in Selangor. 
The Healthy Meals by MR D.I.Y. programme has already benefitted 737 students in five primary schools under the purview of Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD) Hulu Langat, Selangor namely SK Bukit Raya Hulu Langat , SK Cheras Jaya Cheras, SK Taming Jaya Seri Kembangan,  SK Kajang, and SK Leftenan Adnan Kajang. The students are also the recipients of ‘Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT). The programme, supported by the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Selangor (JPNS), aims to benefit more than 5,000 students in 25 primary schools in the state.  

Migrants In Australia Under Pressure

Sydney, Aug 19: New research shows that migrants and their families in Australia are under pressure to send more money to their loved ones overseas, as both struggle to meet the rising cost of living.  
The research shows that a third (32 per cent) of migrants in Australia who send money to family and friends internationally say they are now being pressured to send more.  
This is despite 8 out of 10 (79 per cent) senders experiencing an increase in their own daily cost of living since the start of the year – with 37 per cent experiencing a significant increase.  
The multi-country study, commissioned by WorldRemit, a leading digital payments company, aims to determine the effects of the increased cost of living on migrants in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. 
The company connected with 1,000 migrants in each country, of which 20 per cent are 1st-generation migrants, having been born in either the US, UK or Australia.  

No more excuses! Start walking today!

Two weeks to go! No more excuses! Start walking today!

Sydney, Aug 19: Walk to Work Day supporting Diabetes Australia is two weeks away and organisers are encouraging Australians to declare “No more excuses!” and start walking for a healthier workplace and a healthier you!
Celebrating its 22nd anniversary, Walk to Work Day is an initiative championed by the Pedestrian Council that aims to raise awareness of the health, transport and environmental benefits that regular walking (especially to and from work) can provide for the long-term well-being of our adult workforce.
“Walking 10,000 steps a day is a terrific target to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine,” Pedestrian Council Chairman Harold Scruby said.
“Let’s not make any more excuses! Walking 10,000 steps has been around before the stone age. 
“Taking positive steps can help people reduce their risk of health conditions like type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and various types of cancer.
Many people can walk at least one km to and from work, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier and create a great example for your kids, friends and colleagues at work,” he added.

Top Glove Wins Top Honours 

Ng Mei FongTop Glove Foundation Senior Manager (second from right), receives the Company of the Year Award for Overall Excellence in Sustainability & CSR from Dato’ Ramlan Bin HarunSecretary General of the Ministry of Rural Development (second from left). Looking on are (from left) Lee Seng CheeCSR Malaysia Co-Chairman and Managing Editor, and Dato’ R. RajendranCSR Malaysia Chairman.

Shah Alam, Aug 19: Top Glove Corporation Bhd, the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves, has been named Company of Year Overall Excellence in Sustainability and CSR under the Manufacturing category at yesterday’s Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards 2022, held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.
Top Glove is among five companies that received the Overall Excellence Award at the event. The Sustainability & CSR Malaysia Awards is a joint effort of the CSR Malaysia publication and the Malaysian Welfare Society for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility.
The award was given to the Company in recognition of its corporate social responsibility activities throughout the Year 2021, including financial contributions, donations of personal protective equipment, and philanthropic activities totalling approximately RM190 million. 

SEED Foundation Teams Up With W Kuala Lumpur 

SEED Foundation Teams up with W Kuala Lumpur and Dusun OpenHouse for #NOLABELS – a month-long movement which aims to celebrate diversity and inclusivity within the community. Image supplied.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 19:  Throughout the month of September, SEED Malaysia will team up with W Kuala Lumpur and Dusun | OpenHouse to play host to a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. With Malaysia being a melting pot of different cultures and beliefs, the movement advocates for fair treatment and opportunity for all while aiming to eradicate prejudice and discrimination based on an individual or group of individual protected characteristics.
Titled #NOLABELS, the month-long campaign aims to raise funds to support initiatives by SEED Malaysia and particularly under-represented groups towards providing a multitude of services, resources and even provisions to the marginalized communities within the city.
The campaign aims to raise awareness surrounding human rights: equality, diversity, and inclusivity issues. 
#NOLABELS will feature a series of events aimed at providing a free and empowering space that encourages individuals to passionately push past boundaries, and a platform to listen to voices that need to be heard – all whilst celebrating what makes each individual special. 
“W Kuala Lumpur regards itself as a longstanding partner dedicated to promoting equality and giving a megaphone to inspiring voices that deserve to be heard. From collaborations and celebrations to events and speaker series, we are all about breaking boundaries and living out loud. We are proud to partner with SEED Malaysia and to work for hand in hand with Dusun | OpenHouse to raise awareness and to celebrate the diversity and inclusivity within the community,” Volker Burth, W Kuala Lumpur General Manager said.

Discover More At The Astro Experience Store

Tiong Button, Coco, Ong Kar Ling, Euan Smith (Group COO and CEO of TV Business, Astro), Goh Liu Ying and Candy with mascots from Tong Tong’s Wonderland and Didi and Friends at the grand opening of the new Astro Experience Store in Queensbay Mall Penang.

Kuala Lumpur, Aug 20: Astro launched its new Astro Experience Store today in Penang to provide customers with an engaging and unique experience. Penangites can head to the store now to check out Astro’s latest range of products and services.
“We are delighted to open the first Astro Experience Store in Penang. Our new store is a great way for us to showcase the amazing products, services and benefits for new and existing customers,” Euan Smith, Group COO and CEO, TV, Astro said.
“We are pleased to be able to provide a physical space in which people can discover and fully experience the latest features and benefits of our products and services, allowing a hands-on experience in the store while giving them a glimpse of what is the best content they can enjoy with Astro.”
In the Astro Experience Store, customers can discover the best and latest content Astro has to offer on the Ultra Box, such as the highly anticipated prequel series Game of Thrones “House Of The Dragon” via On Demand and HBO GO, live sports like Premier League 2022/23 Season and kids animation Didi & Friends on Astro, K-drama Doctor Lawyer on Disney+ Hotstar and popular Netflix show Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area. While at the store, customers can experience all the features on the Ultra Box including its 4K UHD capabilities, enquiring about the best value TV package, or find out how to enjoy entertainment on the go with the Astro GO app.
The Astro Experience Store is located on the second floor of Queensbay Mall. Fans of HBO’s Games of Thrones can get their hands on an exclusive House of The Dragon merchandise set and be in the running to win the limited-edition House Of The Dragon X SecretLab gaming chair when they sign up or upgrade to the Movies, Premium 1, 3 and Platinum Pack. Astro customers can also show their My Astro app and win exclusive gifts in-store.

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