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By June Ramli

Yesterday, I went to Google Sydney to attend an in-person event with the tech giant on how to grow my business with them.
The event started at 9.30 am and arrived late but still managed to sneak in.
I found the event by absolute chance. The ad for the event was actually placed right below the Google search bar last week. Somehow, I spotted the ad and quickly signed up.
There were two speakers at the event, Britney from New Zealand and Ben from Australia. After having lived in this country for almost a decade, I now have the ability to tell the two nationalities apart all through their accents.
I love how the Aussies and the Kiwis despite coming from separate countries always show themselves as having a unison front.
The same cannot be said for Malaysia and Singapore. Despite being of one nation until the split in 1965, Singapore and Malaysia are best described as frenemies, short for friendly enemies.

We even got free notebooks. Thanks, Google.

Anyway, back to the event, after the talk which finished up at 11.30 am on the dot, we were treated with refreshments by Google.
They had a cafe which made us coffee. I ordered my favourite hot chocolate of course. It was alright. The best hot chocolate, I’ve ever tasted to date was in Handara Golf and Resort Bali in Bedugul, Indonesia. 
Back to the matter at hand. I went there because I realised that I need to take ads for my products both LazyBum Skincare facial cleaner and toner and moisturiser and also Blitz Hair Oil Spray.
After the event was over, I was given 10 minutes to discuss my concerns with a Google Ads expert. I now have some idea of what my next course of action should be.
Google Ads are a great way to get the ball rolling because you only pay for the ad when someone clicks through it and if they don’t you pay nothing.
I will need to look to link the Google ads with my products and sell them through my Amazon account. 
Looking for a great start with Google Ads. I wanted to hire an expert to help me with the integration but for now, I think I would need to rough it out myself because I realise hiring a virtual assistant would have its own set of problems too. Many are clueless and can’t work to your standards and so you are better off doing it yourself. Get my drift? Till my next update, be good. 

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