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Sydney, July 19: A new online comprehensive course on everything money is promising to get mums back on their financial feet as economic doom and gloom sets in across the country.
The Mum CFOs Money Masterclass is inspired by everyday women who are the Chief Financial Operators of their households but are being held back by knowledge gaps in their financial know-how.
As cash flows tighten in households all over Australia, many mums are doing their bit to rein in spending to keep their families afloat during these difficult times. Faced with rising living costs, putting food on the table and petrol in the tank is becoming a precarious balancing act – and that’s before rent and mortgage increases are factored in. 
Recent figures suggest that an increasing number of women are taking charge of their finances, with 94 per cent actively involved in household money management, management of investments and retirement planning.
The Mum CFOs Money Masterclass comprehensively and affordably addresses the barriers stopping women from being more proactive with their finances, particularly in areas such as debt management, saving, investments, cash flow, mortgages, and wills and estate planning. 
“Our aim here is to give women confidence in their own ability to take control of their financial futures,” Louisa Sanghera, founder of award-winning mortgage broking firm Zippy Financial and Mum CFOs Money Masterclass course finance broker expert said. 
“Our online masterclass is for women of all ages and all abilities. It contains everything you need to know to conquer debt, save for your dream home and retirement and achieve whatever money goals you may have.
“The course has 10 industry experts covering the holistic personal finance spectrum.
“These experts are at the top of their field  – many of them are women who are also mums who understand what it’s like to juggle competing priorities to achieve the best outcome for their families.”
Made up of eight distinct modules, the comprehensive online course combines course notes and activities with video seminars to help establish a solid baseline of financial literacy.
Highlights include a module on cash flow and budgeting complete with hacks to save money, make extra cash and budget.
To deal with the cost of living increases, the course teaches ways to shop smart and overhaul little pain points that could be getting in the way of financial security. 
For mortgage holders dealing with increasing interest rates, there are tips on how to understand your mortgage position properly, get the best refinancing deals, how compare the merits of fixed vs variable rates and more.
Sanghera will share both basic and advanced mortgage strategies including mortgage strategies for small business owners.
Hammering down on debt is another area of interest that’s received in-depth attention in the Mum CFOs course.
Credit repair specialist Victoria Coster looks at how to avoid getting a bad credit rating, the impacts of a bad credit rating and tips on what to do if you do get a bad credit rating.
Last of all, Wills and Estate Lawyer Camille Broadhurst, runs the ‘Dead Serious’ module and shows how planning for death doesn’t have to be morbid.
Her expert insights will provide much-needed guidance in this often overlooked area to help women maximise their financial planning strategy to accommodate every stage of life including the end stages. 
“Figures show 35 per cent of Aussies find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming but coming to terms with it and doing something about it is the first step to successfully navigating life whether the economic cycle is in boom or bust,” Sanghera said. 
“Financial literacy is such an essential life skill but there is no one size fits all to your financial and life goals.
“The most important thing is teaching women the basics so they feel empowered to take the direction they want and achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed about.”

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