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By June Ramli

Last week, I participated in my first Prime Day sales as a seller on but unfortunately, I didn’t make a sale although I did take up ad space to advertise my brand to the masses on the platform.
It took me some time to get into the platform and despite being in on Amazon, I am still fighting the good fight to get my products into the warehouse, just so that I could partake in the Amazon FBA program.
There are a lot of issues pertaining to just onboarding my products into my warehouse that so much so two months have gone by with Amazon collecting sellers fees from me and me not making a single sale.
In order to get my products into Amazon, I now need to get some kind of special barcodes for all of my seven products on top of my GS1 barcodes which I feel is nonsensical and a waste of cost and time.
But now the issue is that I cannot purchase these special codes that Amazon wants me to purchase and the lady from Amazon who is helping me with the onboarding process is equally perplexed as to why this cannot be done.
She said she met with her manager recently and they are both unsure why I cannot get the barcodes from Amazon.
So, in short, when it comes to Amazon it really is hell on earth for me as I have been marred with so many issues just to get my products into the warehouse.
To make matters worse, though I am thankful, I have a very inexperienced person helping me out which I think has caused me some more delays as well.
Since the onboarding of the products into the Australian warehouse is taking a lot of time, I am looking forward to starting the onboarding process on the American side as well. I mean I may as well start now to test the market there.
I don’t know how other Amazon sellers do it, where they start selling on the platform and making heaps of money, I am just having lots of issues just starting.
I really hope all these logistics issues get sorted soon and I can start sharing screenshots of when I make heaps of money from the Amazon platform.
This column takes a leave of absence for next week and would be back with a vengeance the week after. God Willing or as the Muslims say InshALLAH.
Till my next update, be good. 

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