Product Spotlight: Canon

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Shah Alam, July 18: Canon has launched the new SELPHY CP1500, a new wireless compact photo printer that injects fun and spontaneity into your life.
The SELPHY CP1500 is easy to use and promises to delight with personalised, high-quality print-outs.
Be it adorning your home with your favourite photo, making creative photo projects or sharing photos taken at events, the possibilities are endless.
Available in black and white, the SELPHY CP1500 takes on a clean, minimalistic design which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
“Captured moments in our life can be easily forgotten due to the numerous images we take each day. Now with our new portable SELPHY CP1500, documenting and sharing life’s moments is much simpler. “Physical printouts from a shoot might help people connect as they cherish their shared experiences. With some new features included, users now can add their personalised touch to their printouts and make them truly theirs,” Hunter Zhang, Director of Imaging Communications Business Division, Canon Marketing Malaysia said.

Canon’s latest SELPHY compact photo printer is faster, better, and more fun than ever. Image supplied.

Bringing Print to Life

There is so much more than you can do with physical photo prints. You can say that compact photo printers like SELPHY print life into digital photos! Inheriting the imaging quality of the SELPHY series, the SELPHY CP1500 further enhances the vividness of portrait prints.
In addition to the use of dye-sublimation technology, which enables smoother colour tones and richer gradations, the SELPHY CP1500 comes with an automatic correction function that adjusts the brightness, saturation, contrast and tones in images for a better, clearer finish. 
At the end of the printing process, a special overcoat finish is applied to protect the photo from water, dirt, colour fading, and even fingerprints. Whether the photo was a quick smartphone snapshot or a photographic work shot on a camera, it will stay in pristine condition for up to 100 years when preserved in an album. 

With the upgraded SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0 smartphone app, the SELPHY CP1500 also lets you add patterned overcoats to decorate your photos. Image supplied.

Adding Your Personal Touch

With the upgraded SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0 smartphone app, the SELPHY CP1500 also lets you add patterned overcoats to decorate your photos.
Frame your image with stars or fill it with cascading flowers and other patterns to your heart’s desire. 
Users can personalise the print further by including a QR code – whether it links to a photo album, a video, an online map with the photo location or even a secret message just for the recipient, the possibilities are endless!

Canon’s latest SELPHY compact photo printer is faster, better, and more fun than ever. Image supplied.

Experience the Joy of Sharing Moments Instantaneously in Print 

With its simple, minimalistic design, the SELPHY CP1500 is not only small and light but also easy to operate. The ease of use expands to its high connectivity. Whether it’s through Wi-Fi or a USB Type-C cable, users can print images from their smartphone, camera, or computer any time—or even just by directly inserting an SD card or USB flash drive.
For users printing from a mobile device, the upgraded SELPHY Photo Layout 3.0 smartphone app, supported on iOS, iPad, and Android OS, can now also access camera or smartphone images uploaded onto, social media, or elsewhere on the cloud, allowing them to be turned into high-quality prints easily.
At any one time, up to eight smartphones can be connected to the SELPHY CP1500, so it’s perfect for shared use at parties and events. Pairing is quick and easy: simply scan a QR code with the SELPHY Photo Layout app to connect and let the fun begin! 
Postcard-sized prints (approx. 100 x 148mm) can be made in approximately 41 seconds while card-size prints (54 x 86mm) can be made in just around 23 seconds. For added portability, the new NB-CP2LI battery pack (sold separately) provides up to 72 postcard-sized prints from a single charge—up from the 54 prints on the predecessor.

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