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Lim En Ni.

Alpro has been keeping tabs on the ongoing conversations around buying parallel and controlled medicines online for chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. Currently, no online marketplace or social media platforms have the approval from the Ministry of Health to sell controlled medicines in Malaysia, as they require prescriptions from doctors.
Most controlled medicines sold online are from illegal sources such as parallel imports.
As the largest prescription pharmacy chain in Malaysia, Alpro recognises the absolute necessity to caution the public against online purchases of controlled medicines through an online marketplace or social media platforms.
The general public should understand the different classifications of controlled medicines and their laws.
According to the Ministry of Health Malaysia, controlled medicines are controlled through the  Poisons Act 1952. These medicines are categorised into Group B and Group C under the  Act.
The Group B medicines, such as those for Hypertension, Infectious Control and other chronic diseases, can only be sold or supplied for treatment by a registered medical practitioner,  registered dentist or veterinary officer for their patients.
Sale or supply by a licensed pharmacist can only be done with a prescription.
Meanwhile, the Group C medicines such as antacids and decongestants can only be sold or supplied by a licensed pharmacist on the premise specified in the licence or other licensed personnel mentioned above.
The consumption of chronic illness medicines purchased online without consultation and prescription from certified medical doctors can prove to be fatal.
We would strongly advise the public to always only buy from verified medicines providers such as Alpro’s e-pharmacy, which allow the public to seek doctor’s or pharmacists’ consultation and purchase prescribed medications online. Alpro Pharmacy has also guaranteed the medications supplied are 100 per cent genuine with product liability coverage up to RM1,000,000.
We recommend users to keep in mind the ‘6R concept’ (Right Medication, Right Route, Right  Dose, Right Time, Right Patient, and Right Source) to ensure that the end-to-end process from consultation to receiving the medicine is fully safe and fool-proof.
Alpro strongly advocates for medication safety and urges the public to seek the professional advice of a pharmacist or a medical practitioner when dealing with any form of medication for chronic disease or common illness.
Consultation with professional pharmacists at Alpro’s 190 outlets is free. Alternatively, the public can chat with a pharmacist via the e-pharmacy WhatsApp hotline at 019-7021923. 

Lim En Ni is the Chief Pharmacist and Director of Engagement, Alpro Pharmacy Group.

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