Romanticizing OnlyFans 

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By June Ramli 

Sydney, July 6: Last week, I received another one of those “I am not sure if I want to publish this” sort of media release from News Corps’ owned Medianet promoting another OnlyFans creator based in Perth, Western Australia.
The press release started out this way:  “Busty? Big booty? Sculpted? All-natural? OnlyFans top model Lucy Banks says that when it comes right down to subscriber preferences!”
It also goes on to say: “And thanks, in part, to OnlyFans, the world is finally, slowly accepting women for being whoever the hell they want to be. We still have a long way to go, but the shift is happening. I have had kids, and I used to be so self-conscious about my flabby belly, but the huge majority of comments I get about my stomach are telling me how beautiful it is and how attractive my natural body is.”
The media release went on to say that Banks championed women using surgery and other options to enhance or modify their beauty when it’s on their terms.
“I think if you want to get surgery, you go for it! It’s very cool what modern science can do these days and the options we have available.
At the end of the day, I strongly believe all women should be true to themselves and embrace what THEY want to look like, ” Banks was quoted as saying in the release.
Now let’s get to the crux of who Lucy Banks is.
According to the media release, it said that Banks is a rising independent content creator on OnlyFans.
It goes on to say that within three years of being on the platform, she currently boasts more than 3,700 subscribers and has earnings of up to AU$2,500 per day, thanks to her tireless work ethic and motivation to provide a more comfortable life for her and her two young children.

OnlyFans Logo.

I don’t know who Banks is and I have nothing against her but let me tell you why I am not a fan of stories promoting her profession.
What concerns me the most when I read stories promoting people like Banks is why are they being celebrated as having the ‘best job’ in the world? Details like how much money they make and how little time it takes them to make it, are all things that can drive young innocent girls in following their footsteps.
If you have been living under the rock, let me bring you up to speed and tell you what OnlyFans is.
It is a site mainly used by pornographic creators, both amateur and professional, but it also has a market with chefs, fitness trainers, and musicians.
But when it comes to OnlyFans, the media always tends to highlight stories concerning pornographic creators.
Tell me honestly, would you want your next of kin to do this for a living? This is the exact reason why playboys never want girls as their offspring.
At times like these, I really missed the sort of censorship Malaysian media companies would carry out as such a story like this would never see the light of day there.
Several banks such as ING and ANZ have already taken steps to ban OnlyFans creators from using their banking platforms.
This is a bold move but I believe is the right thing to do. In a nutshell, we need to stop romanticizing content creators who use their bodies as a way of earning money on easily available and free-to-read media sites such as the Daily Mail and
Because of their huge readership, these companies have a responsibility to play when it comes to shaping the minds of young girls and honestly would you want your daughter or niece to take up such a profession?
I know such stories bring in heaps of clicks but really when it comes to these kinds of stories you will need to look at the bigger picture here.
My plea to other Australian media publishers on a whole is to consider a blanket ban on such stories as this would mean protecting the minds of innocent young girls from even remotely considering a career as an erotic performer with OnlyFans.

Lucy Banks. Image supplied.

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