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Hong Kong, May 27: Hong Kong has been named an ideal overseas listing destination for Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) companies.
This conclusion was derived from a recent research report prepared by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and CCB International (CCBI).
“With the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) free trade agreement coming into effect this Jan 1, closer regional economic integration will foster funding needs for projects across Asia, particularly with regard to ASEAN companies’ projects in Mainland China and vice versa and Hong Kong is ideally positioned to serve as a platform to satisfy two-way funding needs,” HKTDC Director of Research Irina Fan said.

Most popular overseas listing destination for ASEAN companies

There are already more than 80 ASEAN-headquartered companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – the highest tally for a non-ASEAN stock market.
These listed ASEAN companies represent a variety of sectors covering consumer discretionary, property and construction, information technology and industrial businesses with a total market capitalisation of US$15.3 billion.
This indicates that Hong Kong is the most popular overseas listing destination for ASEAN companies, representing a wide variety of enterprises in terms of sector and size.
The research report highlights that Hong Kong’s attractiveness to ASEAN companies is due to a range of factors including good market breadth and depth, efficiency and flexibility in funding overseas investment, access to more diversified financial and strategic investor pools, its position as a doorstep to expansion in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and Mainland China, strong governance, and the convenience provided by it being in a similar time zone to ASEAN countries.

HKTDC Director of Research Irina Fan said physical fairs and hybrid fairs are the future as the two formats can complement each other.
HKTDC Director of Research Irina Fan. Supplied.

Strengthening promotion in ASEAN countries

To facilitate ASEAN companies’ needs and enhance Hong Kong’s position as an overseas listing hub for these enterprises, Fan highlighted some of the key recommendations proposed by the survey’s respondents.
“Hong Kong should step up its promotion in ASEAN countries to raise companies’ awareness.
“Indeed, it is clear that some ASEAN companies need to be more informed about the latest developments relating to Hong Kong’s listing regime and policies,” she said.

HK is well-positioned for ASEAN companies in prevailing and emerging sectors

Survey interviewees highlighted that in addition to prevailing sectors in ASEAN such as consumer goods and services, mining and commodities and real estate investment trusts (REITs), fast-growing sectors including biotech, high-tech enterprises and fintech are showing good potential, while environmental, social and governance (ESG) is becoming an increasingly important factor across Southeast Asia. Interviewees suggested that Hong Kong can further reinforce its position as a listing destination for both prevailing and emerging sectors in ASEAN by streamlining its processes for overseas listing and the new special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) regime, in addition to providing listing incentives for REITs. Hong Kong is also in a strong position to respond to the growing need for ESG funding in the ASEAN bloc.

Closer collaboration with ASEAN exchanges to promote dual primary or secondary listing

Hong Kong can also enhance collaboration with ASEAN exchanges to promote dual primary and secondary listing in Hong Kong.
“Hong Kong is the gateway between ASEAN countries and Mainland China.
“By working with ASEAN stock exchanges to facilitate the dual or secondary listing of ASEAN companies in Hong Kong, all parties would be better positioned to capture the growing opportunities,” Fan added.

Hong Kong is a preferred listing destination for Malaysian companies

The report also gave insights into overseas listings by Malaysian enterprises. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has the largest number of listed Malaysian companies among key stock exchanges outside ASEAN, and Hong Kong is well perceived by Malaysian companies as an important gateway for expanding into Mainland China. Leveraging Malaysia’s economic growth and further economic integration in the region, Malaysia’s fast-growing IT sector and growth companies could be potential candidates for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange through the new SPAC route.
The report‘s results were based on desktop research and interviews conducted by the HKTDC from last September to January this year. Interviewees included senior executives and members of listed companies, chambers of commerce, professional organisations, legal practitioners, accountants and investment bankers. Interviewees were asked to share their insights on Hong Kong’s strengths as a listing destination for ASEAN companies, some of the hurdles ASEAN companies are facing, as well as recommendations to strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a listing hub. The first research report in this series focuses on the overall overseas listing regime of Hong Kong as well as Hong Kong as a listing destination for Malaysian companies, while two subsequent reports on Thai and Indonesian companies listing in Hong Kong will be released later this year.

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