IPO For Levin Health

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By June Ramli

Melbourne, May 18: Melbourne-based sports science company Levin Health is working towards an IPO (initial public offering) sometime this year.
A spokesperson for the company had confirmed the matter to DailyStraits.com when asked whether it was on the lookout for more investors.
The question was posed to the company after one of Australia’s longest-serving coaches Damien Hardwick (pictured above) had agreed to become one of its shareholders.
However, the company was coy about revealing further details on the possible listing adding that it was all confidential at the moment.
Launched in 2019, Levin Health aims to break the stigma surrounding medicinal cannabis through its Sports Advisory Board, consisting of a group of industry leaders in the sporting sphere such as AFL coach Alastair Clarkson, Olympic basketball champion Lauren Jackson and one of Australia’s greatest jockeys Damien Oliver.  
Below is an excerpt of an interview with a spokesperson of Levin Health on what the company has been up to since signing on Hardwick.

What is medicinal cannabis?

In Australia, Medicinal Cannabis refers to a range of quality-assured, pharmaceutical cannabis preparations intended for therapeutic use. Medicinal Cannabis products must be prescribed by a doctor to treat the symptoms of a medical condition or, the side effects of medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Medicinal cannabis preparations include tablets, oils, tinctures, dry flowers and other extracts.

Is medicinal cannabis legal in Australia?

In short, yes! The Australian government legalised access to Medicinal Cannabis in 2016. That said, access to these treatments and products can only be obtained through an Australian registered health practitioner, and approval is generally assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What is Levin Health producing?

A range of Medicinal Cannabis products for the treatment of chronic pain, mental health disorders and sports ailments. We have received ethics approval for our Phase 2a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of our licensed patented cannabinoid formulation in treating patients with chronic pain.

How can one purchase medicinal cannabis medications? 

Medicinal cannabis medications can only be purchased from a registered pharmacy following the presentation of an approved prescription from a doctor. One can only access legal Medicinal Cannabis products via your treating doctor or specialist, and only if they believe Medicinal Cannabis will help treat your condition. The first step is to discuss Medicinal Cannabis with your doctor. If they agree Medicinal Cannabis is appropriate, they will need to decide which Medicinal Cannabis product to prescribe to you and get any necessary government approvals.

Who is the founder of Levin Health?

Levent Gulec is the founder and major shareholder of the company and was responsible for securing the company’s cannabis cultivation licence.

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