NexMind Introduces NexWriter

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By June Ramli

Kuala Lumpur, May 17: NexMind, a Malaysian-based emerging enterprise SEO developer, has recently introduced NexWriter, an AI-powered encompassing content generation software for users to generate SEO-driven and human-like text within minutes. 
The new software is suitable for generating both short and long content, particularly advertising copy, web page headers, company and product information, and blog articles.
The software currently supports several languages. recently sat down virtually with NexMind CEO Francis Lui and asked him his plans for his company going forward and this was what he told us:

Francis Lui. Supplied.

Can you tell us more about the inception of NexMind AI Sdn Bhd – when did it start, its core business and how many products does it have under its stable? 

NexMind was founded in August 2019 as NexODN International and then changed to NexMind AI in early 2021. We are a developer of the world’s first multilingual AI-powered SEO optimization and content generation solutions. Here is the summary of our products: 


NexODN is NexMind’s flagship product which was introduced in 2019. It is the world’s first multilingual AI-powered search engine optimization (SEO) application with a content generation tool for SEO consultants or in-house marketing executives. NexODN helps users to identify competitive terms and keywords to rank their website better and monitor SEO performances in real-time. NexODN is currently supporting 127 languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Vietnamese, Russian, and Portuguese. 


NexWriter is a multilingual AI-powered cloud-based software that helps users to generate content optimised for SEO purposes within minutes. Content may be generated including copy for advertisements, websites, blog articles, and web page headers. 


NexAutomate is an SEO software that helps users to identify, measure, and understand their best-performing search engine ranking content, technical SEO requirements, and keywords to expedite SEO deployment, making it easier for users to quickly implement fixes, test new ideas, and achieve results fast. It also allows users to apply changes across all the pages on their website in real-time without the need to involve a web development team. 

Why did the company decide to start NexWriter and how does it differ from other AI-powered content generation software? 

We have extended our product offering from NexODN enterprise AI SEO platform to NexWriter after assessing all existing products in the market. Mainly, all the current products in the market are pre-trained model language generation using OpenAI’s GPT-3 and it is commonly available.

What are some of the unique selling points of NexWriter in comparison to other similar software? 

NexMind incorporates necessary SEO elements in its multilingual content generation capability.  

Can you name us some companies that are using the NexWriter software to date? 

NexWriter has just been launched earlier this year. One of the companies using it is Naluri. Meanwhile, some of our NexODN clients are using the AI content generation module developed from the same engine as NexWriter and these clients include: Siemens AG, Senheng, LBS, KL Sogo, Kenanga, MBSB Bank, Sompo Insurance, Nippon Travel Agency (NTA), VW, OCBC Bank, UOB Bank, Zurich Insurance, Prince Court Medical Centre, StarCRM, Firmus, MyKris, Berjaya Steel, CKE Holdings, Easybooks, Busonlineticket. 

Screenshot of the NexMind Software. Image supplied.

Who are some of NexWriter’s competitors? 

Marketmuse, Outranking. 

Is this NexWriter, a Malaysian made software?

Yes, the product is homegrown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Francis Lui, founder, CEO & CTO and Bernie Law, co-founder, and Chief Product Officer. 

In comparison to Yoast by WordPress, how does NexWriter differ? 

NexWriter is a content generation tool which incorporates SEO elements. Therefore, it is not in the same category that Yoast fits. NexMind has an SEO optimization plus content generation solution which is called NexODN, our flagship product.  
The product that you’ve mentioned is offered as a plugin to WordPress websites whereas our solution is not. Plus, our product works with any website, doesn’t matter if they were built using WordPress or any website builders. It is also able to handle SEO not just for small websites but even for large websites with hundreds of thousands of pages. 

What languages does NexWriter support? 

We’re delighted to inform you that our NexWriter is now supporting English, Japanese, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, and Bahasa Malaysia. We will also look into adding more languages going forward.  

What are some of the expansion plans the company has for the year? 

We are planning to expand our operations into Sydney, Australia and Seattle, USA, hopefully in the next 12 months.  

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