Brother Printer Review

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By June Ramli

Sydney, May 5: TikTok users would be familiar with this sight.
Seeing content creators who also double up as small business owners printing rolls after rolls of their brand labels using a small device.
If you have always wondered about the type of printers these creators use, well then you are in luck as I am about to unveil one of the easiest label printers there is for startups operating from the comforts of their homes.
Presenting to you… the Brother QL-810W Professional label printer which is not only a great looking device but works like a charm as well. 

Brother Australia label printers.
Absolutely awesome printer for startups, small businesses and home use.

But before we get into the mechanics on how to use this product, let’s talk about its outlook.
Most startup founders or businesses have a lot of things going on, and this printer being small in size is seen as a great respite especially for those with crowded desks.
Next, let’s talk about the setup. At first, I struggled to set this label printer up as I didn’t realise that it had to be paired with a free to use software that I could obtain from the company’s website. The complimentary software can be used for both Windows and Mac users.

A promo video of the label printers.

After I successfully downloaded the software, I tried to connect the label printer with my desktop’s Bluetooth but I was unsuccessful with the pairing.
As such, I had no choice but to resort to using the cables to connect the two devices together.
Only after that did the printer start to work like a breeze. 
I literarily started printing labels as soon as the connectivity issue was resolved.
Some of you might know that starting a product based business is no easy feat. 
Startup founders who often manufacture their own products often find themselves in a rut when it comes to all things label.

Brother QL-810W Professional label printer – a video review by yours truly.

This is because with professional label printers many would insist on a minimum order quantity of 1000 units per label, per design. 
Sometimes founders don’t need that many labels but professional printers are never accomodating with such requests and when it comes to this there is no bending the rules.
However, with the existence of such label printers from Brother, this pain point has now been resolved. Now small business owners would be able to print what they need by using Brother’s range of label printers.

This printer comes with its own complimentary software in which one can design their labels according to their preferred size.
This printer comes with its own complimentary software.

In a nutshell, my verdict is that this printer is good for small businesses, startups and even for home use.
Priced at AU$249 per unit, the label rolls which can print out about 400 labels can be purchased separately at AU$11.30 per roll. To purchase this printer, go here

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