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By June Ramli

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to the readers of this column. A lot of things happened in the past week. I finally got the courage to send out cold emails to several retail organisations around Australia in a bid to get my products onboard onto their outlets.
I identified 10 companies, did a spreadsheet and sent out several introductory emails last week. My effort bore some fruit as three companies have replied. I am not revealing the name of the companies just yet for fear of the evil eye.
I missed one of the submission dates for one of them but for the other two that I am still talking to and I am hoping that something positive would come out of it.
One of the three companies has asked me to come up with a presentation portfolio which I have sent over, but they have circled back asking me to resent the presentation to include my handmade plush toys. Looks like I will have to redo the whole presentation from scratch.
I am still holding on to my products, only selling trickles of them here and there because of the sheer fact that in case these companies call me in for a meeting and would finally want to onboard my products onto their store, I would have at least a small batch to start with.
That is one, next I was approached by an online startup accelerator in the US recently to join their competition for my other website
Before agreeing to be a part of the programme, I went online and Googled the hell out of them and found out the company has been featured by Forbes magazine.
That gave me somewhat of a relief and now I am looking forward to seeing how my application progresses with them.
Next, because of them, I have also put in my application for a Y Combinator program. This would be for my apps Toolis and Lookis.
At the same time, I have also made headway for my very own hand sanitising product, what is left now is for me to pay and get the project going.
Lastly, I have been approached by another company on LinkedIn asking me if I would like to be a part of their marketplace.
Honest to god if I haven’t started any of this, I would have known about the existence of all these companies.
I have already put in my expression of interest and I am waiting to hear the outcome of my application too. If all goes well, I will be trading with them soon. Till my next update, be good!

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