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Kuala Lumpur, April 21: Zoho Corporation has started a new business division called TrainerCentral which is similar to Udemy where edupreneurs can create online learning courses to sell to the masses.
TrainerCentral is a one-stop training platform that helps knowledge entrepreneurs, educators, and experts from all fields to create and sell engaging online courses.

The insides of the TrainerCentral platform. Image supplied.

The platform involves comprehensive tool-kit- including a website builder, payments system, and multiple options to deliver training- TrainerCentral empowers edupreneurs to run their entire training business online.
“We understand that running a training business requires a lot of hustling, and in that process the trainers might end up spreading themselves too thin,” TrainerCentral chief brand evangelist Aarthi Elizabeth said.
“That’s why TrainerCentral offers them all the necessary tools to build a website, set up their business, and easily create online courses, giving our trainers time to focus on what they love, which is inspiring their learners,” she said.

Create a passive income stream with TrainerCentral. Image supplied.

The portal aims to solve the gap in the e-learning market that requires an end-to-end solution to deliver all forms of training.
“The knowledge community is a mix of teaching professionals who want to inspire the next generation through their wisdom and also edupreneurs who are just eager to share their special skills with others. “We’ve built TrainerCentral to make knowledge sharing easy and accessible to all with the help of robust technology.
“You can be a veteran physics teacher, a corporate leadership coach, or a guitar virtuoso,” added Elizabeth.
At the moment, TrainerCentral is available immediately and offers a 15-day free trial for learners and offers two paid plans with access to unlimited courses and unlimited learners.
For creators, the platforms offers a forever free version that allows users to create three free courses.

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