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London, April 19: British startup Swytch Technology is in its final stages of launching the world-first, pocket-sized eBike battery that turns any bike into an electric one.
The new Swytch eBike conversion kit that launches in May would feature a pocket-sized battery which is similar in size to a large smart-phone.
The battery provides 250W of power and enough range for your daily commute, whilst weighing only 700g (1.5lb) and can be recharged in around an hour.
Swytch believes that eBikes should be lightweight, affordable and work like a regular bike whilst having electric functionality.
To date, the Swytch Kit is already one of the best-selling eBike products in the UK, having sold over 9,000 units in 2020, making it responsible for over five per cent of the entire eBike market by volume.
Swytch has also sold almost 40,000 units of the original Swytch Kit to customers all over the world, with over 50 percent of sales being to international customers, primarily in the EU and USA.
With the introduction of its new kit next month, Swytch anticipates that its global sales volumes to grow by over 50,000 units annually by next year. 

How the Swytch Kit Works

The Swytch Kit is pedal assist, meaning that it provides power as you pedal. The pedal sensor detects when you are pedalling, and the motor controller (contained inside the handlebar connector) draws power from the pocket-sized Swytch battery and powers a 250W hub motor contained inside a front motor wheel.

How to fit the Swytch Kit

First, simply swap in the front motor wheel (included in the Swytch Kit and built to your specified wheel size to fit your bike). Next, attach the pedal sensor and the battery connector and then clip on your Power Pack, and that is it – your bike has been “Swytched” electric and will now give you 250W power for up to 15km (9mi). A slightly larger battery pack weighing 1100g (2.4lb) and providing 30km (17 mi) range is available for those wanting to go further! See image below for visual representation.

How Swytch works. Image supplied.

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