Meta Launches #JomCelikDigital

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Kuala Lumpur, April 8: Meta Malaysia has launched a bevy of initiatives to help students, job seekers, Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs), and small or micro business owners in their quest to success.
With that in mind, the company launched the #JomCelikDigital Dengan Meta campaign recently in partnership with MDEC which is by far the company’s largest digital upskilling initiative to date.
“As more businesses embrace digital technologies as a way of working, it is more important than ever to provide Malaysians equal access to advantageous digital tools, a proposition that is closely aligned with Malaysia’s goal of becoming the e-commerce hub of the region and its overall digital economy blueprint agenda,” Nicole said. reviews the PopKeys and MX Keys.

“At Meta Malaysia, we are committed to supporting  the country’s digital economy agenda. Through #JomCelikDigital Dengan Meta, we are  providing equitable access to our comprehensive digital resources for Malaysians to gain a  competitive edge in the digital world, especially for the rural population and those from the  B40 income group,” she added.
Present at the hybrid launch was also MDEC CEO Mahadhir Aziz.
Under the umbrella of the #JomCelikDigital Dengan Meta initiative, four digital upskilling  programs will be introduced. 
Each one is designed to span across different audiences which  include students, job seekers, Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs), and small or micro  business owners.
“The #JomCelikDigital Dengan Meta initiative is in sync with MDEC’s #SayaDigital  programme, which aims to not only provide individuals with the digital skills they need to thrive  in our digital future but it will also be a driving force in leading Malaysia’s digital economy  towards becoming a globally competitive digital nation,” MDEC CEO Mahadhir Aziz said.
“The initiative will help Malaysians build skills that are crucial at a time when digital knowledge is in demand across all sectors of the  economy. MDEC lauds and supports Meta Malaysia in this initiative, which helps create growth  and job opportunities.”

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The four programs are in summary as below: 

Meta Boost 

The Meta Boost program aims to provide free educational workshops and is designed to  empower more than 1000 B40 SMBs nationwide that are most impacted by the pandemic with  digital skills that can help them engage successfully. It will include free educational workshops  and training by our program partners.  

Pasar WhatsApp 

This program aims to reach more than 1000 small and micro business owners, introducing  them to the various features of the WhatsApp Business App to digitise their business through  an easy to use and familiar platform. Participants will be introduced to features, like Catalog, automated replies and how to build a quick business profile with essential information for  customers who reach out through WhatsApp.  

Instagram Academy 

This training program is designed to provide support to more than 1000 local entrepreneurs and SMBs with Instagram tools and educational material to connect with their customers and  communities in more engaging ways, for example through short form videos like Reels. 

Facebook Blueprint Higher Education Program 

The aim for this program is to empower students with real-life digital marketing skills and  support educators in developing digital-savvy talents. It will target more than 1000 students participation and 500 certifications in the Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate (Blueprint  DMA) Certification. Workshops will be delivered by local Blueprint Certified Lead Trainers, complete the program, and be a Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate, which will be a  great addition to their CVs. 
Under its Fast Forward Malaysia strategic long-term goal, Meta Malaysia has consistently run  initiatives that support Malaysia’s digital economy blueprint and paving the future of innovation.  In 2019 when the Blueprint training programme was launched, it collaborated with 2,000  MDEC’s e-Usahawan trainers and successfully trained over 5,000 SMBss. In 2021, in  partnership with MDEC’s Let’s Learn Digital campaign, Meta Malaysia led the initiative to drive  digital marketing certification for jobseekers and SMBss in Malaysia. To date, Meta Malaysia  has trained almost 2,000 learners, and certified 1,054 learners in 2021 itself. The company  has also built a network of Meta-certified trainers, currently with 30 Certified Lead Trainers  and up to 20 soon-to-be Lead Trainers from MDEC.
#JomCelikDigital Dengan Meta will start rolling out in phases from April 14. For more  information, participants can head here.

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