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Kuala Lumpur, March 30: The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) is doing its part in bringing graduate talent back into the workforce in Malaysia.
A recently concluded virtual fair held last weekend had the ICAEW working closing with their Authorised Training Employers (ATE) to attract and recruit Malaysian students in the UK into the workforce in Malaysia.
It is currently estimated that there are 80,000 Malaysians living in the UK.
In terms of higher education, 68 universities and colleges in the UK have active Malaysian student associations registered with the United Kingdom and Eire (Ireland) Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC).

This represents a pool of more than 15,000 undergraduates across various sectors ready to bridge the gap between corporate Malaysia and talent in the United Kingdom and Ireland. 
“As an umbrella body for Malaysian student societies across Britain and Ireland, the UKEC brings together student associations from universities across the UK and Ireland,” UKEC chairperson Nicole Siaw said.
“We took this opportunity to connect the student population with potential employers back home.
“This is especially important, as job security is high on the list of priorities for many soon-to-be graduates after their studies in the UK and we hope to expose them to exciting career opportunities back home.”
To qualify as an ICAEW chartered accountant, students have to complete on-the-job training in addition to completing the study elements of the ACA qualification.
They can utilise this opportunity to be fully employed and at the same time, funded towards a professional qualification.
The strategic importance of strengthening the profession by attracting talent and building diversity is a cornerstone of ICAEW’s current 10-year strategy.
Therefore, ICAEW is taking this opportunity to bring graduate talent back to Malaysia for the good of the profession and increase the number of highly skilled professionals available locally, which will in turn contribute to the nation’s ability to compete economically on the global stage.
At ICAEW’s virtual booth, available throughout the weekend, students were able to see which jobs and opportunities were most in demand by each of ICAEW’s Authorised Training Employers, drop off their resumes, chat and video call in virtual meeting rooms with employers, and even take virtual office tours.
ICAEW also hosted a forum on “How Chartered Accountants Save the World.” 
“Professional UK bodies like the ICAEW have been working in partnership with Malaysia to develop professional talents and support national human capital initiatives,” British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Head of Education (Asia Pacific) Husna Hamimi Hashim said.
“As a result, academic and professional qualifications have become more seamlessly integrated, and there is increased diversity and flexibility for both students and employers.
“By providing training to Malaysians who have graduated in the UK and returned to Malaysia, ICAEW also helps retain talents in Malaysia.”
Meanwhile, ICAEW Malaysia head Loh Wei Yuen said the effort was part of pre-emptive measures taken by the organisation to further endorse employment and training back in Malaysia for students after their studies in the UK.
“ICAEW Malaysia’s participation provided a platform for students to explore opportunities, for example furthering their studies, beginning a career with one of our ATEs and pursuing professional qualifications like chartered accountancy.” 

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