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By June Ramli

Kuala Lumpur, March 28: Gogopasar is the latest e-commerce grocery marketplace and online app that is taking the capital city by storm.
Launched in 2020 with a funding of US$2.37 million (RM10 million) received from its parent company FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Sdn Bhd (FGV IF), a subsidiary of FGV Holdings Bhd, Gogopasar is currently the only end-to-end virtual retailer in the country to have an established system that integrates suppliers, warehouses and logistics.
The retailer also provides an online retail business platform directly to consumers with options for same-day free deliveries, best-price and quality assurance.
This year the company is expanding its footprint to Malacca after only having its operations based around the capital city for the last two years.
In an exclusive interview with DailyStraits.com its chief executive Lynn Alias gives us a better understanding of the company, its educational project known as Gogopreneur and its expansion plans.

How is Gogopasar different from other online grocers in the Klang Valley? 

Gogopasar is the only end-to-end virtual retailer in the country to have an established system that integrates suppliers, warehouses and logistics. It provides an online retail business platform direct to consumers with options for same-day free deliveries, best-price and quality assurance. 
Buying from Gogopasar ensures that your grocery items come directly from suppliers, with minimal handling. Because our agro supply chain process is end-to-end, meaning we don’t engage with middlemen aka the retail shops, our products come in pristine condition- safe from being held and touched by a crowd of shoppers. 
We have gotten many testimonials from satisfied customers who rave about our fresh seafood, vegetables and chicken, especially. You won’t be able to get high quality at very competitive prices, free delivery and reliable driver service anywhere else.  

Infographic on how to become a Gogopreneur
Infographic on how to become a Gogopreneur. Supplied.

What is your Gogopreneur Programme and how can it help those in need within our community?

The Gogopreneur Programme is an entrepreneurship development programme that aims to assist and develop those who are looking to explore e-commerce. Gogopasar aims to particularly upskill and assist those who have lost jobs or have been retrenched due to the pandemic and the recent floods to get back on their feet. It is for those looking to earn a living through sales via an online business, and they will receive digital marketing and social media training as part of the programme syllabus. Topics such as effective copywriting, FB Ads, and social media marketing are included in the programme. I aim to make a social impact with Gogopreneur by training those struggling to make a living and upskilling them with digital marketing capabilities and ‘technopreneur skills,’ which are all in line with the government’s 12th Malaysian Plan to reach high-income nation status in the next few years. Participants will be trained in digital marketing and business acumen for free, to effectively promote products sold by Gogopasar. Graduates of the programme need to source for prospective customers and maintain their customer base. Then, they are coached to sell the products by Gogopasar consistently. In return, they will receive commissions for every purchase made by their prospects and contacts. 

Gogopasar Digital Marketing Trainer Syafi Ali. Image supplied.

What role does FGV play in catalysing digital consumer behaviour in their downstream business?

FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) is delving into e-commerce and completing their end-to-end agribusiness supply chain by introducing Gogopasar – their e-commerce grocery marketplace. Gogopasar is a subsidiary of FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Sdn Bhd, a newly set up sector with business components that include fresh produce, cash crops, paddy and rice, animal feed, livestock and dairy farming. This new partnership allows FGV to offer consumers, housewives, and people with busy lifestyles the benefit of receiving fresh products at their doorstep, with just a click of a button on the Gogopasar app. In addition to that, it also offers home entrepreneurs a one-stop e-commerce solution to facilitate generating additional income, as well as assist local farmers in selling their fresh produce.

Lynn Alias (standing) speaking at a Gogopreneur Training Preview. Supplied.

How is Gogopasar Syariah compliant and takes steps to maintain end-to-end halal processes in the supply chain? 

We only deliver the freshest and cleanest products to your doorstep. Gogopasar ensures that fresh seafood, meat and poultry especially, are packaged in a ‘sertu’ environment. This means that they are prepared and cleaned within spaces that observe strict standards of hygiene following Islamic purification measures to ensure food safety and preservation. Because we want the best for our customers, we also take time and effort to choose our external suppliers carefully, ensuring they align with our values and sustainability principles. Only the best from the best for our customers. Take, for example, our latest addition, our range of organic chicken by Delima in various packs and choice pieces, ready cut for your convenience. 

What are customers looking for in online grocery app services? 

Customers are looking for a wide selection of choices, a hassle-free and convenient online shopping experience, reliable delivery, responsive customer service and quality products. Gogopasar goes a step further by offering all these at extremely competitive prices. To see for yourself, download the Gogopasar app available at Google Playstore or the Apple App Store. You can also check us out on www.gogopasar.com and start shopping.

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