Meet Sergeant Aimee

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By June Ramli

Canberra, March 26: I made a mad dash to Canberra this week to check out the Australian Air and Power Conference.
It was something I decided to attend at the very last minute and so when I arrived at the conference, I was already very late and only had a few hours left before the conference would come to a close but despite that I still stuck around to get a story for you guys. 
First thing first, at the conference, I noticed lots of men and women dressed immaculately in their respective uniforms and some overseas attendees from countries such as Indonesia and even Singapore – I could tell from their accents – but unfortunately I could not find any Malaysian attendees.  
This was a refreshing change for me, especially after having spent the last one and a half years in front of a computer screen breaking the ice with strangers for various interviews on Zoom.  

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Finally, I am attending a real time conference where I can meet people on a face to face basis.
But as a wannabe tech reporter, what caught my eye the most at the event was none other than this human-sized hologram greeting everyone at the entrance of the exhibition hall.
Meet Sergeant Aimee.
Aimee is a pine-sized hologram who also happens to be the world’s first life-sized AI chatbot.
In other words, meet Siri’s twin.
The moment I saw Aimee, I was immediately drawn to her.
Why? Because after having had one of my employment rescinded in the past to a robot it made me more interested in finding out what this bot was all about.
Would this bot be taking over some of the roles at the Air Force soon? Oh my god, I had to find out.
Dress in full Air Force uniform, Aimee also speaks when she is spoken to through a microphone but only provides answers to specific questions that had already been pre-programmed into her system.
In other words, she is still a work in progress.

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I also found out that she was made in Australia using Amazon’s technology but not to worry, her role is mainly to educate the Australian Air Force on the technology’s capabilities and not to take over anyone’s jobs. Phew, that was a relief!
The company who was responsible in making her – Jericho Disruptive Innovation Wing Commander Michael Gan confirmed this to me adding that Aimee who was built in 2019 was done so purely for entertainment purposes.
She will be making more debuts in similar exhibitions in the future.
So, be sure to catch Aimee for a selfie or two the next time you see her at any of the Royal Australian Air Force conferences or exhibitions.

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