‘World’s First Digital Collection’

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New York, March 10: This is a collection like none other.
Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company, has partnered with Solomon Russel, Founder of Left Hand Twill, a company built around a desire to conscientiously better the fashion consumption model in America, to launch the ‘world’s first ever digital vintage collection.’
The team has brought together the digital garments into two clips inspired by the big movies and cinema movement of the 70s.
After the “golden age of Hollywood” ended in the early 60s, a new wave of cinema came up which gave power to a younger and more unpredictable group of directors and actors who weren’t afraid to reflect the changing culture of the time they lived on to the big screen.

Check out Russel digital vintage collection here.

Inspired by the days of disco and reflection of urban reality such as raw, renewed and unfiltered, the 70s inspired transitional effects where each garment is introduced with an iconic yellow title like a main character. 
The patterns were prepared to recreate what was once vintage, geared for the modern wearer.
Each piece has a beautifully written poem attached which is originally dedicated to people who are special to Solomon. 
Besides the vintage collection, the duo also launched their Own Your Denim Collection. 
“Own Your Denim is about understanding our clothes’ real value – the effort, the labor and resource behind every single one of them,” Soorty Marketing and Communications Manager Eda Dikmen said.

Check the second clip on the same digital collection here.

“Attaching to our garments and forming real bonds that will extend the product life cycle.
“This is why collaborating with Solomon on this collection was an absolute pleasure for our entire team on so many levels – we’ve started with a journey to his archives, got to learn about denim pieces with an history, recreated them using only the most socially and environmentally responsible options we have, ensured all is inclusive so they’ll owned by us all, and prepared a branding that literally attaches sentiments to garments.
“The end product is something beautiful, prepared by us, for us… so you can’t just throw it away when (if you ever are) done with it,” she said.

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