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DailyStraits.com would like to wish all its women readers a very Happy International Women’s Day.
Photo caption of My Foodie Box staff from left to right: Jessica McCarthy, director of product development and customer experience, Mai Hughes, CEO and co-founder, Elizabeth Jay, director of operations and Yuki Higashi, executive chef. Image supplied.

Sydney, March 8: Australian women are bearing the brunt of falling wages, with real average weekly ordinary time earnings over the last year falling faster for women than for men.
By crunching the latest ABS Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings (AWOTE) data and adjusting for each state’s capital city CPI, the McKell Institute’s latest Data Briefing Report has found that real wages for women fell by 1.6 per cent in 2021, compared with 1.2 per cent for men.
The wages fell fastest for Victorian and Queensland women compared to their male counterparts.
“On International Women’s Day 2022 not only are we failing to close the gender pay gap, but average weekly earnings for women are falling,” McKell Institute CEO Michael Buckland said.

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“Across Australia both men and women are doing it tough with the value of their pay packets falling in real terms.
“If the federal government is not deeply alarmed by this data there’s something very, very wrong.
“Falling real wages will be a factor in the upcoming election, and right now it’s women who are bearing the brunt of it.
“Real wages are contracting and there’s no focused plan to turn things around.
“This data unfortunately paints a grim picture for Australian wage equality this International Women’s Day.”

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With that in mind, a Western Australian company My Foodie Box (ASX: MBX) is set to launch a high-profile campaign highlighting the 21.9 per cent gender pay gap in state alone.
The company is co-founded and led by female entrepreneur Mai Hughes, who has always believed in the important role men and women play in the success of its business and strongly believes in equality in the workforce.
“We have launched this campaign to bring to people’s attention the 21.9 percent gender pay gap in WA, one of the largest in the country, because it is an alarming number and more needs to be done to fix it,” Hughes said.
“While the pay gap is a significant issue that needs to be addressed, we also believe businesses need to do more to ensure all employees can work in a productive and supported way, by recognising and assisting them manage family commitments and in particular mothers returning to work.
To support the campaign, and further highlight the gender pay inequality, My Foodie Box will be offering a “disappointing discount” of 21.9 per cent off all products for 80 days – the average amount of extra time a female must work to earn the same as a male.
Profits from the “disappointing discount” campaign would go to the Australian Gender Equality Alliance.

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