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Kuala Lumpur, Feb 22: Malaysian consumers are turning to the e-commerce platform to get their necessities on a regular basis, especially face masks.
The conclusion came about when Shopee analysed its month end payday shopping trends to understand how Malaysians are spending their pay cheques and it goes to show Malaysians are now turning to Shopee to stock up on necessities.

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“It is interesting to discover the online shopping pattern among Malaysian consumers towards the end of the month. This insight shows that Malaysian payday shopping habits are driven by needs more than other things – which differs from any other days,” Shopee Malaysia Head of Marketing Campaigns Kenneth Soh said.
The data, taken from month-end spending habits every month from June 2021 to January 2022 across its platform, revealed that Malaysians are spending their monthly salaries to fulfil their household needs.

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This is so as essentials such as MILO, instant noodles, biscuit, sambal, cereal, toilet rolls, diapers among others are consistently appearing in the top 20 most purchased items by shoppers across Malaysia.
The data also revealed one of the necessities sought after by Malaysians are face masks, which are the most popular items among shoppers from Kelantan, Pahang and Putrajaya.
This is so as face masks of various brands made up to 11 out of 20 most purchased items by shoppers in these locations.

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This is then followed by shoppers from Kedah, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu – face masks of various brands occupied 50 per cent of the top 20 most purchased items among these shoppers.
Conversely, shoppers from Kuala Lumpur and Penang placed face masks purchase on a lower priority – face masks of various brands occupied four and three spots respectively in the top 20 most purchased items among these shoppers.
On the other hand, mobile and fuel prepaid top up vouchers are gaining popularity among Shopee users as they embrace the convenience e-commerce offers.
“With this understanding, we are able to curate campaigns that will support Malaysian consumption and lifestyle better so that we can continuously provide greater deals and savings that are relevant to our local audience.”
He also added that Shopee’s Feb 25 Payday Sale this year is ongoing from now until Feb 25 to allow users to enjoy free shipping with a minimum spend of RM5.

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