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Sydney, Jan 28: Mandarin speaking Venezuelan global contemporary artist Super Buddha has taken the NFT world by storm and he is only at the start of his journey.
Super Buddha, 30, is one of the small number of established artists who has found success in both the traditional world of fine art and the viral frenzy of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).
His art has been featured from the Super Bowl to Miami’s Historic Lincoln Road, to Playboy’s first-ever coffee table art book, and he has earned the distinction of serving as an artist to The Royal Family in Dubai as well as to Pope Francis.

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And as one of a handful of established artists successfully straddling the worlds of gallery art and the metaverse, Super Buddha is planning to flip the script in the NFT world with some explosive projects in the coming months!
Super Buddha gained international acclaim with his enlightened pop art and iconic ‘Buddha’ character, has sold his physical works to growing list of private, wealthy and celebrity collectors from China to Dubai, and garnered out of the gate success last year with three very rare 1-of-1 NFTs introduced on the international market!

Unlike so many of the NFT projects chasing the money in the digital realm, Super Buddha’s success in this new space of artistic expression is built on a foundation of achievement as an accomplished artist with a strong background in fine art and design and notoriety for record-breaking sales (average pieces sell for $50,000-$100,000 USD) in the physical contemporary art world.

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It all started when the intriguing contemporary artist moved from his native Venezuela to China to study fine art and design and pioneered the graffiti scene in Shanghai, often risking life and limb to tag buildings and establish a new style of street art and western urban culture that didn’t exist in China then.
From Shanghai to the Miami art scene, Super Buddha has captivated a global audience with his mysterious persona, vibrant, colourful art and whimsical trademark ‘Buddha’ character, who shares good fortune, witty one-liner blessings and messages of consciousness in each of his works.

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He has also formulated art for boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and garnered an impressive list of celebrity collectors including DJ Tiesto, Swae Lee, Rick Ross, Rauw Alejandro, Myke Towers, DJ Luian, Gianluca Vacchi and a number of very private, billionaire corporate clients.
Now at the forefront of the NFT scene, Super Buddha is setting the values and tones of this new space, as an internationally acclaimed artist with longevity and a deep understanding of the coexisting realms of block-chain technology and the physical art world.
Last year, Super Buddha gained instant recognition as an emerging pioneer and artist to watch in the NFT market internationally.
He launched his digital career with stunning, culturally relevant animated NFTs that share colourful blessings from ‘Buddha’ while paying homage to the world of gaming and his love of retro video games from the 1980s and 90s!
He successfully dropped three highly anticipated 1-of-1 NFTs last year; “Oil Money”, “Arabian Nights” and “Crypto Dunes”, that sold for US$27,000, US$32,000, and US$35,000 each at international auctions on platforms like NFT BZL and Tron!
His physical works of pop art positivity are currently on exhibit in Fine Art Galleries in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami, Florida, with exciting, commissioned works and multiple NFT projects in development to further propel his multi-medium artistic success and mission to spread good fortune in the coming months.

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