The Novak Djokovic Saga

By now, you may have read thousands of commentaries regarding the issue surrounding Novak Djokovic and how very hard he tried to stay in Australia and be a part of the Australian Open.
I am not much of a tennis fan.
In fact, despite living in Australia for some years now, I’ve never made any attempts to attend the Australian Open once.
I do know of tennis players like Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and of course the half Malaysian and half Greek boy who holds Australian citizenship – Nick Kyrgios – but that is as far as my tennis knowledge goes.

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Ok, maybe I know a bit more than the average joe, but I still consider myself a novice when it comes to tennis- the game itself.
But the recent hullabaloo around the Novak Djokovic saga has got me perplexed on the issue, to say the least.
Although, I am late for the party, I would like to give my two cents.
First and foremost, why are vaccines being stigmatised this way?
You have a large number of media personalities who are not taking it and the average person being forced to take it otherwise our lives are made very difficult.
So, I believe what the Australian government did to boot him out of the country was correct.

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It is to give a blanket message to the masses that Australia is pro-vaccine and there are no two ways about this.
But the way the whole issue was handled and placing him at the detention centre could have been avoided had there been clear communication from the get-go.
Everyone who enters Australia needs to be prepared to present to airlines, proof that they meet Australia’s definition of being fully vaccinated or medical reasons on why they cannot be vaccinated.
But despite that let’s tackle the issue at hand.
What is so great about this particular tournament, specifically that Djokovic went through hoops just to be able to attend it?
Well, for one, I think it is the prize money.
A little Internet research has made me realise that the prize money for the tournament is around AU$4.4 million.
No wonder he went through all that trouble.
Now that Djokovic is back in his home country, other countries are looking at banning his attendance and punishing him for his stance of being an anti-vaxxer.
It looks like Australia did the right thing after all.
With his good looks and newfound fame perhaps Djokovic can now consider a career in acting?

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