Ausflag: Ditch The Union Jack

Sydney, Jan 18: Western Australia should have its own uniquely designed state flag- one that is free of any affiliation with the Union Jack.
With that in mind, a new campaign spearheaded by non-profit organisation Ausflag has brought the issue back from the back burner just in time for the upcoming Australia Day celebrations this Jan 26.
One of its executive directors Harold Scruby told said it was high time Australia freed itself from the realms of the British symbol – the Union Jack.
“What other British colony in the world would still have a media conference with Union Jack as a backdrop, only in Australia,” he said further.
Scruby added that out of the 55 countries in the Commonwealth, only three countries were still using the British symbol on their national flag that was Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
He believed that it was high time this changed.

Harold Scruby. Image supplied.

He added that Ausflag has sent a proposal for the new WA state flag to the higher-ups in WA parliament for consideration and deliberation.
“They would be given a digital version and a hand waiver of the newly designed flag next week as part of the campaign,” he said.
Meanwhile, another director of the organisation WA-based Janet Holmes said the state has a unique opportunity to be the first state in Australia to have its own flag.

WA proposed flag
WA proposed state flag by Ausflag.

“A flag which does not make Western Australia look like a British branch office – a veritable Little Britain,” she said.
The current WA state flag consists of a Blue Ensign defaced with the badge of the state.
It was adopted in 1953 to replace a similar design used from the time when the state was still a British colony and has been the flag of WA since.
Whereby the newly design WA state proposed flag by Ausflag (pictured above) looks nothing like the former with the three main colours being yellow, white and black.
The only thing that it is remaining from the old design to the new one is the black swan.
You can see a copy of the full proposal and other details about the newly design flag here.

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