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Sydney, Jan 3: Are you the next Agatha Christine in waiting? By that I mean, are you a budding novelist in need of some much needed push to write your next masterpiece?
If you are, then you are in luck!
Boy, do we have the app for you.
Enter Toolis to the rescue.
Toolis is an app that helps you write your next masterpiece one step at a time.
The app is designed in such a way that you can pen your drafts on your mobile be it Android or Apple at any time of the day.

Toolis Banner
Toolis Banner

Yes, even while you waiting for your next Tinder date.
Why name the app Toolis?
Toolis derives from the Malay word “Tulis” which means write in the Malay language but the spelling has been changed to help people around the world pronounce it better.
This app is inspired by the novel writing process taken by this writer on her debut novel Daily Straits which is available for purchase both in paperback and the Kindle version on Amazon.

Daily Straits by June Ramli. Supplied.
Daily Straits by June Ramli. Supplied.

Here is how you use our app to perfection:

Writing a novel can be amazing yet it requires a lot of commitment. 
Being an author is no easy feat and what stops most people from writing their masterpiece is the time taken to do so.  Comes Toolis to the rescue! Our app takes you through the journey of novel writing as you hit your daily goals of writing a maximum of 1000 words per day from anywhere and everywhere. 
For novels to be published, it needs to be at least 50,000 to 80,000 words long. 
So, why don’t you give Toolis a try? This app promises to ease your journey to crafting your next masterpiece and in just days or months.
You will have the first draft and eventually a well-written manuscript all ready for publication in no time. 
With Toolis, you can write your novel while waiting for the train, bus, ferry or your next Tinder date. This app can help make writing your next masterpiece a lot more fun too with the encouragement of witch – the app’s icon!
So, what are you waiting for? Write your next bestseller with Toolis!

Write Your Novel

Start writing your novel using an awesome text editor.

After Reaching 500 Words-The Witch says…

Yay! You are doing amazing! You have just halfway to go, keep up with the energy and write more words.

After Reaching 800 Words

Congratulations! You are closer to completing the task. Keep up with the energy and get more work done till you reach the finish line.

After 1000 Words 

Congratulations again! You did it. You have 1000 words added to your novel already. Today’s task is complete. Keep up with the energy and in no time you will have a full-fledged first draft all written and eventually ready for publication. 

Our app flow.

Download the Android version here or the iOS version here.

Editor’s Note: You can now download our app on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, or write your next best selling novel with our sister app Toolis, available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store or purchase something from us at, or at Also, check out our rate card and media kit here. Thank you!

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