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By WorldRemit

Kuala Lumpur, Dec 12: With the festive season around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin planning for the holiday. Many of us have spent the last two years celebrating festivities in the middle of a pandemic. 
With a growing number of Malaysians turning to the benefits of online payment platforms, in lieu of gift giving, it’s important to know what to look for before making your transaction. Below are four tips to make the most out of sending money online safely and securely.

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Watch out for fees 

Always check transaction fees before using a money transfer service. Leading online transfer platforms will always be upfront with what fees their customers will pay. This means you’ll see the total fees, and any applicable conversion charges, upfront before you confirm and pay for your transfer. 
This means customers can be confident in exactly how much they’ll have to pay, and the exact amount a recipient will receive. If the fees are opaque, or not specified, you might find that your recipient ends up with less than what you’re remitting.

Don’t miss the deadline

For those who are sending money overseas for the first time using a digital transfer service, make sure to give enough time to set up an account. 
All licensed money transfer services are required by law to verify your identity before your first transaction, and this can sometimes take a day or two. It’s best to set up your account early and give yourself some extra time just in case.
It is also helpful to understand timings for different money transfer options, including cash pick-up, bank transfer, payments to mobile money wallets, and airtime top-up, to avoid missing the festive timeline. With WorldRemit, 95 per cent of transfers are ready within minutes

Enter the right details for the recipient 

To avoid any hiccups along the way, ensure the recipient’s information is correct before confirming a transfer. For example, different countries will have different formats for bank account details. 
It can be these small, overlooked details that could create a tricky situation. While it may ruin a surprise, always confirm the recipient’s details before hitting send on a transfer. Just the same as shopping in-store, taking the time to ensure the details of your transfer are correct is vital to the success of the transaction. 

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Keep an eye on exchange rates

Keep an eye on exchange rates, as these change daily, and transfer when it makes the most sense. 
The amount of money that a recipient will receive relies heavily on the exchange rate on the day of a transfer. 
Some money transfer services like WorldRemit offer daily exchange rate notifications via their apps, so users can keep an eye on the best time to hit send on a money transfer. 
By following these tips, people in Malaysia sending money abroad can rest easy this holiday season knowing that their money is sent safely and securely.
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About WorldRemit

We’re a leading global payments company and, along with Sendwave, part of Zepz, a group powering two global payments brands.
We disrupted an industry previously dominated by offline legacy players by taking international money transfers online – making them safer, faster and lower-cost. We currently send from 50 countries to recipients in 130 countries, operate in more than 5,000 money transfer corridors worldwide and employ over 1,200 people globally.
On the sending side WorldRemit is 100 per cent digital (cashless), increasing convenience and enhancing security. For those receiving money, the company offers a wide range of options including bank deposit, cash collection, mobile airtime top-up and mobile money.
Backed by Accel, TCV and Leapfrog – WorldRemit’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom with regional offices in the United States, Poland, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, Somaliland, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Belgium.

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