Is Data The ‘New Oil’?

New York, Dec 13: Fastbase Inc, a web analytics company and big data provider is helping smaller businesses gain access to the ultimate renewable resource in today’s world which is none other than the humble – data.
Data has been dubbed the ‘new oil,’ with Forbes naming it the ‘ultimate renewable resource,’ alluding to the enormous business opportunity and potential revenues that can come from providing and processing big data- alone.
However, unfortunately such resources has always been out of reach for small and medium businesses until recently, thanks to Fastbase.

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Fastbase’s CEO Rasmus Refer believes that data is a resource that should be within the grasp of all businesses and not just wealthy corporations.
“We have seen in the last couple of years how big data was leveraged in the fight against the pandemic, such as tracking people’s movements, early warning of high-risk areas and screening of asymptomatic potential infections,” Refer said.
“Big data is equally valuable in the business environment.
“It can revolutionise sales and marketing.
“Our vision is to help small companies grow larger.
“Providing them with the benefits of big data is our way of helping them achieve that growth.”
At present, Fastbase core business is processes and analyses tremendously large data sets that can be used to advance businesses by revealing new trends and associations and then provide the information and knowledge to companies for free or for subscription.

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The company extracts value from lead data, demographics, firmographics and website usage data and that data is later analysed and formatted for small and large businesses.
With the launch of WebLeads 8.0 Fastbase is bringing the next level of lead generation to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) all over the world.
The company is set to launch an even more powerful enterprise version using AI and real-time lead-identification that aims to deliver data intelligence and analytics to large companies and top brands worldwide.
According to ReportLinker, the global lead generation solution market is expected to grow from US$ 3,103.80 million in 2021 to US$ 9,589.11 million by 2028.
Fastbase aims to pursue a larger share of this market and with its new WebLeads 8.0 and aims to be a powerful contender in the leadgen market that could rival companies such as HubSpot and Marketo.

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