The Pre Launch

By June Ramli

Still haven’t written that killer business plan yet

It has been two weeks since we launched Pre Launch, a series where entrepreneurs can use our platform to impart some of their learnings with our readers.

So far, the series has received overwhelming support. We’ve had stories written by the founder of Usku, Hawkr and A Spooon Full.

Now, we want to get the ball rolling and open it to more upcoming entrepreneurs who would like their stories to be heard.

But there are some ground rules, we will need to check to see if your business is legitimate, if you don’t have a website, at least have a really good social media presence for us to know that you are running a legitimate business.

A headshot of the writer and a link to one of the many social media sites that you have.

Your stories must be about your struggles and how you overcame them. For example, marketing, getting the product going and other struggles you may have had like you were a new mother when you started your business and so on.

So, once again I will reintroduce this section with a recap.

Since the last time I wrote, to be honest, I have not had the time to look through my business proposal. I have written something and sent it to the possible investor but the person has circled back and said that they wanted me to write a profit and loss spreadsheet.

In all honesty, I am quite sceptical about receiving the investment but I am still going to go ahead and produce something for the investor.

Most of the entrepreneurs that I have interviewed across the Tasman did not write a business plan, everyone just went on with their gut feeling and started their business, that is why I feel that writing a business plan is pretty much a waste of time but nonetheless, I shall comply.

I am a creative person and so writing a business plan isn’t my forte but I have produced a pretty damn good sample of a product that I plan to market and so I shall peservere in writing this proposal soon.

In the meantime, here are some ground rules that we have set aside for those interested in writing for our pre-launch series.

Word Count:
Minimum 12 paragraphs. Nothing more than 20 paragraphs, please.

We reserve the right to edit your articles for clarity, grammar and house style.

We would also require a headshot of the person that is writing the article.

We require a short biography of your company like your website, if you don’t have a website we can make do with one of your social media accounts, the founder(s) names and when you started trading for us to include at the end of the article.

Do Not:
Do not solicit for investors through your write-ups published with We reserve the right to omit those details. The write-up is just to share your struggles as an entrepreneur, if investors are keen to know more about your venture then they can get in touch with your business through your social media or website.

To be a part of the series, just email us your article at

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