Sofia Ang Of A Spooon Full

By Sofia Ang

My business ‘A Spooon Full’ with a triple ‘O’ is a whole food manufacturer based in Malaysia.
Whole foods are generally characterised as foods that have not been processed, refined or had ingredients added to them.
The reason why we insisted on producing our raw materials and ingredients for all our food and beverages is because we want to serve premium quality products to our customers.
To maintain inner wellness, health and to fight any viruses or prevent illness, one of the key actions is to eat healthily.
As the saying goes: ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.’
Hence, we always uphold the belief of ‘we are what we eat.’
Thus, that is how our company got its start.
Besides, making whole food products we also offer our products in four sizes.
The reason behind this is because we want our customers to consume what their body can take and not buy too much which will eventually lead to food wastage.
Imagine this, buying a cake or a dessert and only consuming a portion of it while throwing the rest in the bin.
That is why we’ve come up with four types of portion sizes to suit everyone’s palate which doesn’t lead to wastage.
We started our cooking and baking business in 2019 and served mainly our friends and family.
But fate had other plans for us. The business grew thanks to word of mouth during the first nationwide lockdown last year which we were very grateful for.
We started with the famous burnt cheesecake back then with our unique selling point being a home fermented cheese itself. Our cheesecake was a hit because of the fermented cheese which made the taste of the cake exquisite not to mention the health benefits that come with such an ingredient.
One and a half years later, we decided to turn this venture of ours into our full-time job and have now come out with more varieties of desserts.
Two of our famous desserts are ASF Burnt Cheesecake and Signature Non-Alcoholic Rum Tiramisu. The tiramisu is great because we fermented our very own rum. At the same time we remain pork free to cater to the mass market as one of our goals is to be able to serve the Malay Muslim market too.
The entrepreneur journey in F&B may seem to be tough for many as the workload needed is huge, especially since we produce our own raw materials and market them ourselves.
Nonetheless, it has been rewarding experience for the both of us.

About the Author: Sofia Ang (left) is the co-founder of “A Spooon Full.” Check them out on Facebook.

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