WhaleX: Aussie Eco-Win

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Sydney, Nov 15: In a momentous celebration of Australia’s impactful contribution to global environmental initiatives, Sydney-based Painting in Pictures has clinched the top prize in the film category of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal challenge. Endorsed by Elon Musk’s Musk Foundation, this recognition commends the outstanding documentary “WhaleX,” a testament to the power of nature in combatting climate change.

The Saga of “WhaleX”

More than a mere film, “WhaleX” embarks on a profound journey into the heart of the climate crisis. This documentary ingeniously explores the vital role of whales in carbon sequestration, introducing an innovative approach involving artificial whale excrement to stimulate phytoplankton growth. The film, through breathtaking visuals and a compelling narrative, not only provides a cinematic experience but also issues a resounding call to action for environmental sustainability.

Australian Innovation Takes Center Stage

Kirsty B. Carter and Joe Harrison, the creative minds behind “WhaleX,” have positioned Painting in Pictures as a trailblazer in eco-conscious filmmaking. Their commitment to narrating stories that resonate is evident in collaborations with esteemed organizations such as the BBC and Bloomberg. Their work demonstrates the fusion of impactful filmmaking and environmental responsibility.

Acclaim and Recognition

Aneeta Akhurst, XPRIZE VP Content & Community, commended the Painting in Pictures team, stating, “The Whale X film crew stood out with their exceptional storytelling and stunning visuals. Their take on carbon removal through WhaleX is unique, innovative, and surprisingly impactful.”
Filmmaker Kirsty B. Carter expressed gratitude, saying, “WhaleX’s story is the defining narrative of our time. We are honored to spotlight the innovators addressing the climate crisis and are grateful to XPRIZE, funded by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation, for this historic opportunity.”

Praise from Collaborators

Dr. Edwina Tanner, Lead Marine Scientist at WhaleX, praised the collaboration, stating, “Working with Painting in Pictures was a fantastic experience. Their ability to integrate with our team and create a film that highlights WhaleX’s mission was remarkable.”
Professor Rob Wheen, Engineer at WhaleX, added, “The WhaleX film might be brief, but its impact is profound. Kirsty and Joe’s work has been instrumental in explaining our project’s concepts effectively.”

XPRIZE Carbon Removal Challenge Overview

Initiated by the XPRIZE Foundation, the $100 million global competition seeks innovative solutions for extracting carbon from the atmosphere or oceans. The WhaleX team stands as a frontrunner in this ambitious and crucial endeavor.

Invitation for Insightful Interviews

Kirsty B. Carter and Joe Harrison are available for discussions about their journey in creating “WhaleX,” the challenges of eco-conscious filmmaking, and the pride of bringing this prestigious award to Australia.

Discord Watch Party

On Thursday, Nov. 16 at 9 am AET, a Discord Watch Party will celebrate XPRIZE Carbon Removal film winners Kirsty B. Carter and Joe Harrison, featuring a screening of “WhaleX” and a Q&A with the filmmakers.
Join the event at Discord.gg/xprize.

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