Sydney-Melbourne Gastronomy

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Sydney, Nov 13: The Happiest Hour, a dedicated app for discovering local pub deals, has unveiled intriguing insights into the culinary and beverage preferences of residents in Sydney and Melbourne.
The findings, while surprising, reflect evolving tastes.
Notably, the classic humble pie ranks at the bottom of the list in both cities.
Parma, despite its legendary status in Melbourne, didn’t top the charts, with only 26 percent of Sydneysiders and 39 percent of Melburnians expressing a preference for it.
Joonas Karppinen, Founder of The Happiest Hour, remarked, “The decline in popularity of the iconic parma, especially in Melbourne, is noteworthy compared to its near-top position a decade ago.”
Cider emerged as the least favored drink in both cities, while seafood, wings, roast, and schnitzel received relatively lower rankings.
In Sydney, cocktails stole the spotlight as the top drink choice, with an impressive 82 percent preference. Wine (62 percent) and spirits (60 percent) secured second and third places, while beer (56 percent) and cider (28 percent) lagged behind.
Contrastingly, Melbourne’s top drink choice was beer, with 75 percent favoring it, followed by cocktails at 70 percent and wine at 59 percent.
Joonas added, “Cocktails dominate in Sydney, ranking second in Melbourne. This makes them the most popular item on our platform. Users appreciate the significant cost savings during happy hours, especially for cocktails that often exceed $20 at regular prices.”
In the realm of food preferences, tacos and pizza are tied in Sydney, reflecting the rising popularity of pizza in Sydney pubs. In Melbourne, burgers claimed the top spot (53 percent), closely followed by pizza (50 percent).
Joonas noted, “The appeal of tacos and pizza may stem from their shareable and social nature. Our users often seek venues for social experiences, and shareable food enhances that aspect.”
The Happiest Hour, witnessing rapid growth boasts 1,000 new users and 50 pubs joining weekly.
The app plans to delve deeper into regional preferences within cities to provide localized insights into pubs.

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