AFP Empowers Samoan Mobility

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Sydney, Nov 13: In a significant stride toward enhancing community safety, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) has generously donated eight electronic bikes (e-bikes) to the Samoa Police, Prisons, and Corrections Services (SPPCS), alongside providing specialized bicycle training.
This initiative carried out through the Samoa Australia Police Partnership (SAPP), aims to equip Samoan law enforcement with an additional tool as they gear up to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in October next year.
These cutting-edge e-bikes, the first of their kind in Samoa, come outfitted with policing lights and service bags.
Not only do they empower officers to proactively patrol their communities, but they also open avenues for reaching remote areas inaccessible by traditional vehicles.
The AFP’s Learning and Development Command Driver Training Team conducted three Bicycle Patrol Operations Programs, benefiting 16 police officers.
The comprehensive training, including a train-the-trainer program, enables Samoan police to cascade their newfound skills to others within their force and potentially extend the training to police forces across the Pacific region.
Detective Superintendent Daniel Evans of the AFP expressed gratitude for the opportunity to deliver this training, emphasizing the dedication of the Samoan police force.
“The AFP will continue to collaborate closely with Samoan police to enhance their capabilities not only for the upcoming CHOGM but also for future events,” he stated.
The e-bikes and training have broader implications for policing in Samoa, with discussions underway about deploying them to patrol remote islands lacking police stations, roads, or conventional vehicles.
Commissioner Auapaau Logoitino Filipo of the SPPCS expressed his appreciation for the partnership with the AFP and the Australian Government, labeling it a “historic moment” for the Samoa Police Service.
He acknowledged the significance of the training and e-bikes in bolstering preparations for the CHOGM meeting and enhancing daily service delivery standards.
As the AFP continues its commitment to Pacific partnerships, these initiatives underscore the mutually beneficial nature of the collaboration, with both parties learning and growing together.
The impact of this donation extends beyond immediate needs, contributing to the long-term safety and security of Samoa and the broader Pacific region.

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