Lendwithcare Bridges Financial Gap

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Sydney, Nov 2: In a bold move to address the financial disparities faced by over 1.4 billion people globally, CARE Australia, a renowned poverty-fighting organization, is taking action.
The majority of individuals affected by this financial gap are women living below the poverty line in rural areas, often with limited opportunities to overcome these financial hurdles.
CARE Australia is making a significant stride today by introducing Lendwithcare, an innovative microfinance platform that aims to close the financial gap.
Lendwithcare serves as a lifeline, connecting new and existing business owners across the Asia-Pacific region with compassionate lenders in Australia, all motivated to support those in need.
Originally launched in the UK, Lendwithcare’s primary goal is to support individuals in low-income communities worldwide.
By providing access to essential financial services, Lendwithcare empowers these individuals to grow their businesses, generate income, and support their families.
This initiative is a revolutionary approach to creating an inclusive financial environment and helping people worldwide overcome financial barriers.

How Lendwithcare Works

Lendwithcare operates on a simple yet transformative principle. It empowers individuals to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need:

  • You lend: Your loan supports someone’s small business, providing them with the means to earn a livelihood.
  • They grow: Your investment helps these small businesses thrive and expand.
  • They repay: Once their businesses are on solid ground, they repay the loan.
  • You lend again: With your initial support, you can continue to assist others in need, withdraw your money, or choose to donate it to CARE Australia.

Peter Walton, Chief Executive Officer at CARE Australia, expressed his excitement about the Australian launch of Lendwithcare.
He highlighted the hope and life-transforming potential of microloans, particularly for women and children.
Lendwithcare goes beyond financial assistance; it’s a platform that unites Australians to make a direct impact on the lives of individuals who often lack the support they need to sustain their families.
CARE Australia, as part of an international confederation, uniquely bridges the gap between available capital and communities worldwide in need of additional support.
Building on Lendwithcare’s successful track record in the UK, the Australian launch offers a sustainable avenue for Australians to contribute to charitable causes and empower individuals to transform their own lives.
Naomi Simson, Lendwithcare Ambassador and Australian businesswoman, emphasized the rare opportunity presented by Lendwithcare to participate in a meaningful program.
Simson recognized the systemic disadvantage that female entrepreneurs face, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries, where there exists a substantial $1.7 trillion financing gap.
CARE, with over 78 years of experience, has been at the forefront of fighting global poverty by empowering women to create lasting change in their communities.
Lendwithcare establishes a virtuous cycle of empowerment and opportunity.
Borrowers gain the means to sustain themselves and uplift their communities, while lenders experience the satisfaction of witnessing their initial loans transform lives and multiply their impact as they are re-lent to more deserving individuals.

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