Jayde Taylor: Skincare Insights

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By June Ramli

Sydney, Nov 1: Jayde Taylor, a prominent figure in the realm of skincare and haircare, is making waves on TikTok with her brutally honest content.
Known for providing no-nonsense advice and debunking beauty myths, Taylor has gained a substantial following, and her impact is undeniable.
Starting in 2021, Taylor’s journey as a content creator has been nothing short of remarkable.
With over two years of experience under her belt, she has become a trusted source for individuals seeking reliable skincare and haircare guidance.
One of the key elements of achieving radiant skin during the summer, as per Taylor, is a hydrating cleanser.
She recommends products like Dermavive’s colloidal oatmeal cleanser, suitable for all skin types, which not only cleanses but also hydrates the skin.
Additionally, incorporating a vitamin C serum into your routine can help combat UV damage, boost skin glow, and address pigmentation issues.
For those with dry skin, Taylor advises using an oil-based vitamin C serum, while a water-based option is recommended for oily skin.
Brands such as La Roche-Posay and Medik8 offer suitable choices.
To maintain skin health, she emphasizes the importance of a moisturizer with a strong barrier.
This step helps prevent UV oxidation, soothes redness, aids in skin healing, and hydrates the skin, making it essential for a well-rounded summer skincare routine.
For the younger audience, often referred to as tweens, Taylor provides straightforward recommendations.
She advises against using niacinamide, retinol, or salicylic acid products.
Instead, tweens should focus on a gentle cleanser and a hyaluronic acid product.

Brands like Bondi Sands offer a range of cost-effective options, ensuring the younger generation can establish a basic skincare routine without breaking the bank.
Taylor highlights the importance of avoiding overcomplicated products and opting for budget-friendly choices.
Hair loss remains a common concern for many individuals, with numerous potential causes.
Taylor points out that applying coffee or similar products won’t address hair loss effectively.
Instead, she suggests exploring products like the Neutriderm Hair Enhancing Range, which she attests to as a game changer.
While some over-the-counter products can aid in hair health, Taylor emphasizes the importance of seeking medical advice and undergoing necessary tests.
Only a dermatologist can provide a comprehensive evaluation and prescribe appropriate treatments, whether topical or systemic.
Stress, diet, and menopause are all factors that can impact hair health.
Men may experience pattern baldness due to genetic factors, while stress can affect both men and women, leading to hair issues.
The postpartum period can also result in hair loss due to hormonal changes.
Taylor encourages individuals to undergo regular blood tests to ensure they are healthy and monitor any potential underlying causes of hair or skin issues.
In the skincare industry, numerous products and trends come and go.
Taylor navigates these trends with a discerning eye.
When evaluating skincare brands and products, she considers the target audience, brand credibility, and ingredient quality.
Taylor advises customers to check the marketing strategies of brands and evaluate the credibility of those promoting the products.
Additionally, she examines the ingredient list, paying attention to the order of key components.
Taylor suggests steering clear of brands that use misleading marketing tactics or prioritize cost-cutting over product quality.
Taylor’s dedication to providing transparent skincare and haircare insights has helped countless individuals achieve healthier skin and hair.
With a passion for debunking beauty myths and delivering trustworthy advice, Taylor has garnered a loyal following on TikTok.
Her recommendations for summer skincare, cost-effective tween skincare, and effective hair-loss solutions demonstrate her commitment to delivering practical guidance to her audience.
Taylor is making waves in the world of skincare, offering a refreshing and reliable perspective for those seeking to elevate their beauty routines.

Without delay, let’s tune in to the conversation with Taylor below. Apologies in advance for the grainy audio quality.

Podcast: Taylor’s Skincare Insights.

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