Aussies Embrace Home Entertaining

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Sydney, Oct 26: Temple & Webster, Australia’s leading online-only furniture and homewares retailer, has released its inaugural trends report, shedding light on how Australians are embracing home entertaining in 2023.
The “Australian Hosting at Home Report” provides insights into the evolving dynamics of home entertaining across the nation, highlighting the renewed love and pride Australians have for their homes, which has grown due to the increased time spent at home during the pandemic.

According to the report, a significant 84 percent of Australians now spend more time at home than before the pandemic, with Millennials (84 percent) and Gen X (81 percent) showing the most pronounced increase. Furthermore, 78 percent of Australians feel a stronger emotional connection to their living spaces.

Despite economic challenges, 65 percent of respondents have chosen to invest in their homes by improving them with home furnishings and decor over the past year. This trend is particularly strong among Millennials (77 percent) compared to Boomers (52 percent).
This rekindled bond with the home has led to an increased joy in hosting guests, with 87 percent of Australians considering hosting at home an enjoyable and cost-effective way to socialize and entertain. Among the motivating factors, 53 percent cite the sheer joy of hosting, while 34 percent emphasize financial considerations.
Mark Coulter, CEO of Temple & Webster, noted, “Australians have become more emotionally and financially invested in their homes over the past year. Because of this, we anticipate a growing demand for affordable, high-quality furniture that enhances the comfort and aesthetics of their living spaces.”
The report also reveals that monthly home gatherings have become popular, with 60 percent of families with children and 51 percent of singles without kids frequently hosting. Looking ahead, one in four Australians anticipate dedicating significantly more time to home entertaining in the next 12 months, particularly singles without children (33 percent) and families with children (29 percent).
In addition to social interactions, 90 percent of Australians believe that sharing a meal is a crucial way to bring the extended family together.
Australians prefer a laid-back and relaxed hosting atmosphere, with 82 percent favoring this style, and 87 percent encouraging guests to help themselves.
Surprisingly, 76 percent of Australians admit they never ask guests to help them prepare food, and 59 percent think it’s impolite to ask guests to bring their own food or drinks.
However, 86 percent are happy to oblige if a guest offers to bring something.
Hosting at home serves as a motivator for updating the look of homes, making new purchases, or undertaking improvements.
Over the past 12 months, 54 percent of Australians have updated or made purchases for their homes in preparation for entertaining.
Renowned Australian Interior Designer Darren Palmer highlighted that Australians are inviting friends and family into thoughtfully curated spaces, reflecting their personalities and design choices.
Despite the growing trend of home entertaining, 49 percent of Australians admit they feel like guests judge their homes when they have them over, and one in three say they feel embarrassed when guests see their homes.
The report provides a comprehensive look at the changes in hosting behavior over the past year and how Australians are creating inviting spaces within their homes.

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