DHL’s €350M Southeast Asia Investment

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Singapore, Oct 17: DHL Supply Chain, the leading global provider of contract logistics solutions, has unveiled an ambitious investment plan of €350 million for Southeast Asia over the next five years.
This strategic initiative aims to enhance warehousing capacity, strengthen the workforce, and further sustainability efforts.
“Andries Retief, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Southeast Asia, emphasized the importance of staying ahead of the curve, given the growing interest in setting up supply chain hubs in Singapore due to its exceptional infrastructure, connectivity, and business-friendly environment.
DHL Supply Chain’s Singapore division is set to witness remarkable growth by the end of 2023, increasing its warehouse capacity by over 50 percent.
This expansion, which will take the total space to more than 230,000 square meters, is anchored by two key projects.
The first project involves the development of a state-of-the-art 17,000 square-meter single-floor facility. The second project entails the acquisition of an existing 60,000 square meters of space from a local business, equipped to handle five classes of Dangerous Goods.
Eunis Hew, Managing Director of DHL Supply Chain Singapore, explained the company’s dedication to digitalization initiatives.
The company has been at the forefront of utilizing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), advanced robotics, and automation in its warehouses. Additionally, DHL Supply Chain employs warehouse digital twin technology to provide real-time visibility into shop floor activity and utilizes sensors to enhance productivity and employee safety across various sectors.
DHL Supply Chain Singapore is also committed to investing in its workforce.
In 2024, the company plans to create 300 new job opportunities.
Structured training programs will help upskill employees and foster leadership skills for greater career advancement.
The Certified program is one such initiative, designed to train certified supply chain specialists.
Over 70 percent of the workforce has already completed the Certified Supply Chain Specialist (CSCS) training program, offering a broad understanding of supply chain operations. Additionally, half of the employees have graduated from the 18-month Certified Supervisory Academy (CSA), tailored for aspiring front-line managers.
Eunis Hew stressed the importance of equipping employees with skills that will remain relevant, especially in light of a report by the Singapore government indicating that nearly a third of supply chain jobs will become obsolete in two years.
DHL Supply Chain Singapore has also placed a strong emphasis on sustainability.
The company employs eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce environmental impact and has established recycling partnerships with local organizations to ensure responsible waste processing.
All DHL Supply Chain facilities in Singapore have achieved carbon neutrality, further highlighting the company’s commitment to sustainability.
Plans are also underway to transition to a fully green fleet of electric vehicles by 2025.
DHL Supply Chain’s substantial investment and dedication to enhancing warehousing capacity, workforce development, and sustainability measures signal its commitment to delivering outstanding services and embracing a greener, more efficient future in Southeast Asia.

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