Color-Changing Sunscreen for Children

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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 17: BZU BZU, a leading family care brand specializing in gentle and high-quality products for delicate skin, has launched an exciting addition to its product range, the BZU BZU Sunscreen Lotion with color-changing packaging.
This unique sunscreen undergoes a captivating transformation when exposed to UV and sunlight.
The mini umbrella on the BZU BZU Sunscreen Lotion tube changes from beige to pink, serving as a visual reminder of the importance of sunscreen application for ultimate protection against the sun and harmful UV rays throughout the day.
The BZU BZU Sunscreen Lotion is more than just a visual transformation; it’s a practical tool to reinforce the message that daily sunscreen application is vital for safeguarding the skin against sun damage.
This innovative sunscreen also boasts moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties with ingredients such as Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Portulaca Extract.
The BZU BZU Sunscreen Lotion is now available in a 40 ML tube for RM29.90 at various retail locations, including Watsons, HealthLane, Babyshop, and Big Pharmacy. Additionally, it can be purchased from BZU BZU Malaysia on Shopee and Lazada.
Raphael Jiang, CEO of BZU BZU, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to children’s skin health. He states, “Our innovative Sunscreen Lotion is a game-changer, and its unique color-changing packaging is more than a visual gimmick; it’s a visual cue for the ongoing importance of sun protection, making it an essential tool in the fight against UV damage.”
Children’s skin is more delicate compared to that of adults, making them more vulnerable to UV radiation from the sun.
Sunburn during childhood can result in blistering, redness, long-term skin damage, and even skin cancer in adulthood due to prolonged sun exposure.
The BZU BZU Sunscreen Lotion is thoughtfully designed to address these concerns and mitigate the risks of sunburn in children.
By using this sunscreen, parents can provide a protective shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays, enabling children to enjoy outdoor activities without discomfort or harm to their sensitive areas like the face, ears, and neck.
BZU BZU’s Sunscreen Lotion incorporates a unique formula that leverages the natural properties of Aloe Vera Juice and Portulaca Extract to create an effective UV barrier.
Aloe Vera Leaf Juice is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that lock in moisture, soothe irritated skin, and shield it from damage caused by free radicals. Meanwhile, the Portulaca Extract contains mucilage that hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized during children’s playtime.
The sunscreen is rated at SPF 30 PA+++, and it contains no parabens, formaldehyde, or alcohol.
BZU BZU’s commitment to delivering innovative, gentle, and highly effective products is evident in this groundbreaking Sunscreen Lotion. It offers a tangible reminder of the significance of sun protection and encourages a proactive approach to safeguarding children’s skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

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