Logitech’s Ergonomic Keyboards

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Sydney, Oct 11: Logitech has introduced Wave Keys and Wave Keys for Business, a wireless ergonomic keyboard designed to prioritize wellbeing and comfort in the workplace.
As the need for ergonomic solutions continues to grow, with a projected 4.6 percent market growth over the next seven years, Logitech’s Wave Keys offers a unique and science-driven design to enhance the typing experience.
Wave Keys features a distinctive wave-shaped design that positions the hands, wrists, and forearms in a natural typing posture.
It also includes an integrated cushioned palm rest for extended wrist support during long workdays.
The compact layout of the keyboard is suitable for various home and office setups and is available in two classic color options: Graphite and Off-White.
At Logitech, the commitment to improving people’s lives extends to considering environmental and social impacts in every design decision.
Wave Keys is certified carbon-neutral, just like other Logitech products, and the packaging is sourced from FSC™-certified forests and controlled sources.
Additionally, the keyboard includes certified post-consumer recycled plastic, furthering Logitech’s sustainability efforts.
Wave Keys is compatible with multiple operating systems and can connect to up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth® or the included Logi BOLT receiver for enhanced security.
Users can easily switch between devices at the touch of a button.
To personalize their experience, users can leverage the Logi Options+ App, assigning productivity shortcuts and creating Smart Actions to streamline their workday.
Wave Keys joins Logitech’s ERGO Series, which focuses on workplace well-being and upholds a human-centered and science-driven approach to product design.
The keyboard has undergone extensive user testing at Logitech’s Ergo Lab and has received approval from US Ergonomics.
For businesses prioritizing employee wellbeing, Wave Keys for Business is an ideal choice.
This ergonomic keyboard offers familiarity and comfort in typing, equipped with Logi Bolt secure wireless technology to ensure reliable connections.
It meets stringent enterprise security standards and supports mass deployment for global workforces. The Logi Options+ App is available for customized user experiences, including Smart Actions and keyboard shortcut configurations.

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