Intel Launches Arc A580

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Sydney, Oct 11: Intel has officially released the Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics card, marking its immediate availability through a global network of partners.
Positioned as a valuable addition to Intel’s Arc discrete graphics product lineup, the Intel Arc A580 graphics card is designed to cater to gamers and creators.
This new product offers advanced gaming performance, delivering high settings for 1080p gameplay in popular modern titles, along with high frame rates for esports games.
Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive set of media features.
One of the standout attributes of the Intel Arc A580 graphics card is its integration of modern technologies, including AI-enhanced Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) and hardware-accelerated ray tracing.
These features are aimed at boosting gaming performance and enhancing the visual quality of games.
The release of the Intel Arc A580 graphics card is significant for several reasons.
Notably, it fills a crucial position in the Intel Arc discrete graphics product stack by offering mainstream gamers and creators access to the modern features found within the Arc GPU family.
It brings essential gaming features, such as Intel XeSS and ray tracing, to a wider audience, enabling improved performance at higher resolutions and more realistic visuals.
The graphics card boasts an impressive memory bandwidth of 512 gigabytes per second, which is more than double the memory bandwidth of its closest competitors.
This substantial memory bandwidth enables the Intel Arc A580 to smoothly run modern games, providing users with an enhanced gaming experience.
In addition to its gaming capabilities, the Intel Arc A580-based add-in cards offer comprehensive media support.
This includes dual hardware-accelerated AV1 decode and encode engines, allowing content creators to work with their preferred codecs and improve their media production workflow.
Furthermore, the Intel Arc A580 graphics card is equipped with built-in Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel XMX) AI engines.
These AI engines power the Intel XeSS upscaling technology and deliver exceptional performance across various AI workloads.
They can be used in generative applications that utilize models such as Stable Diffusion.
The Intel Arc A580 graphics card is available for purchase from partners such as ASRock, GUNNIR, and Sparkle, with prices starting at $179.
This price point positions it as an attractive and competitive offering for gamers and creators alike.
Intel is committed to offering a compelling graphics solution to mainstream users, enhancing gaming and content creation experiences.
The Intel Arc A580 graphics card brings modern features to a broader audience, delivering higher gaming performance, advanced visual quality, and improved media capabilities.

New Intel Arc A-Series Driver Supports Intel Arc A580 Graphics Card

Alongside the release of the Intel Arc A580 graphics card, Intel has introduced a new Intel Arc A-series 4887 non-WHQL driver.
This driver, which is now available, brings support for the Intel Arc A580 graphics card, enabling users to experience the card’s full potential.
The new driver also offers Game On support for popular games, including “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Beta,” “Total War: Pharaoh,” and “Lords of the Fallen.”
This support enhances the gaming experience and allows users to explore these titles with improved performance.
The driver introduces notable game performance improvements compared to the previous Intel software driver. In the case of the game “Starfield” (DX12), the new driver delivers up to a 117 percent uplift in performance at 1080p with Ultra settings and up to a 149 percent uplift at 1440p with High settings.
These performance enhancements provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for users.
For “Forza Motorsport” (DX12), the driver offers up to an eight percent uplift in performance at 1080p with Ultra settings, further enhancing the gameplay experience.
In addition to these performance improvements, the new driver also addresses a specific issue with the game “Minecraft” (DX12).
It fixes color corruption problems in night scenes when the ray tracing setting is enabled, ensuring a more visually pleasing and immersive gameplay experience for users.
The release of this new Intel Arc A-series driver provides users of the Intel Arc A580 graphics card with a valuable tool to optimize their gaming experience.
It introduces performance improvements, addresses specific in-game issues, and ensures that users can enjoy their gaming sessions with enhanced visual quality and smoother gameplay.

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