The Future of Cloud Gaming

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Melbourne, Oct 7: During a recent panel discussion at PAX 2023, industry experts delved into the evolving landscape of cloud gaming and the monetization strategies that are likely to shape the future of the gaming industry over the next 5-10 years.


  • Stephen Cornish – Pentanet CEO
  • Brad Manuel – LiveWire CEO
  • Develique – Professional gamer/streamer
  • Host: Nathan Gowdie, Optus Associate Director, 5G Product Development

The panel discussion revolved around the exciting developments in cloud gaming and the changing monetization models that may become mainstream in the near future.

Nathan Gowdie, Associate Director of 5G Product Development at Optus, captivates the audience on the big screen during the panel discussion.

Cloud Gaming’s Current State:
The panel acknowledged that cloud gaming has come a long way and is now more accessible and enjoyable than ever. As Brad mentioned, the technology has progressed to the point where it is a viable gaming option. Stephen emphasized that players need to recognize this progress and overcome any lingering skepticism about cloud gaming’s performance.

The Role of Monetization:
One of the key points discussed was how monetization models might evolve. Stephen, for instance, mentioned that gaming companies may transition to subscription-based services as a way to keep players engaged and maintain consistent revenue. He noted that it’s possible to envision a future where owning and building your own gaming PC becomes a niche hobby, similar to collecting DVDs today.

Connectivity Challenges in Rural Areas:
When it comes to reaching rural and remote areas with cloud gaming, there was recognition that it can be a complex task. Panelists mentioned that it depends on factors like 5G rollout, satellite connectivity, and improving network infrastructure. They emphasized the need for innovative solutions to ensure these regions can access cloud gaming.

Enhancing User Experience:
User experience is crucial for the growth of cloud gaming. The panel discussed how improvements in both hardware and software are essential. They pointed out that reducing input lag and optimizing GPU performance are ongoing efforts. As cloud gaming technology advances, providing a seamless and immersive experience remains a top priority.

Accessibility and Marketing:
Marketing and education were highlighted as important factors for making cloud gaming more accessible to a wider audience. The panel agreed that increasing awareness of the technology’s capabilities, dispelling doubts, and showcasing its reliability are crucial steps toward mainstream adoption.

Monetization Innovations:
In response to a question about the future of monetization models, Stephen suggested that gaming companies could explore innovative pricing structures.
For example, he mentioned the possibility of microtransactions for specific in-game features or services.
The panel agreed that future monetization strategies would likely focus on providing players with additional value and customization options.

Final Say
In essence, the discussion at PAX 2023 provided valuable insights into the evolving world of cloud gaming and the potential changes in monetization models.
As cloud gaming technology continues to advance, players can expect a shift toward subscription-based services and innovative monetization strategies that enhance the gaming experience.

Experience the Future of Gaming discussion, recorded live at MCEC on October 6th. Listen now!

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