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By June Ramli

Melbourne, Oct 7: Mark Duggan, the General Manager of Bluemouth Interactive, recently provided insights into the company’s latest gaming products and offerings.
Duggan said the company introduced Backbone, one of the brands proudly distributed by the company.
Backbone is a cutting-edge mobile gaming platform that seamlessly integrates with their Backbone app.
The highlight of the show was the Backbone Controller, which demonstrates how users can interact effortlessly with their mobile games using the controller and their phones.
This product has quickly become the top-selling mobile gaming controller in Australia, thanks to its licensing agreements with both PlayStation and Xbox.
Duggan emphasized how Backbone bridges the gap between console and mobile gaming, offering compatibility with Android and iPhone devices.
Duggan couldn’t provide specific sales figures off the top of his head but emphasized that Backbone controllers have been flying off the shelves across various retailers, making it the leading product in the mobile gaming accessory market.
The PlayStation for Android variant is currently a best-seller due to its recent launch.

Duggan showcasing the Nitro Deck.

In addition to Backbone, Bluemouth also introduced a new gaming accessory called the Nitro Deck.
Developed by a U.S.-based company called CRKD, the Nitro Deck is designed exclusively for Nintendo Switch users.
It addresses the issue of small Joy-Con controllers, particularly for adults or those with larger hands.
The Nitro Deck not only provides larger analog sticks but also incorporates unique magnetic technology to eliminate the common “drift” issue experienced by Switch gamers.

Duggan is pictured here with the NES keyboards.

Duggan highlighted that Crax offers limited edition versions of the Nitro Deck, complete with programmable buttons and NFC technology for collectors.
The standard editions of the Nitro Deck will retail for $99.95 in Australia, available in black and white. Limited edition versions in purple and mint will be priced at $149.95, including a case and replacement analog sticks.
Retailers across Australia and New Zealand, such as JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, Amazon, and Big W, will stock the Nitro Deck.
Looking ahead, Duggan mentioned that Bluemouth has more exciting products on the horizon, including special edition keyboards from a brand called 8BitDo.
Among them is a retro-inspired NES keyboard that comes with programmable gaming buttons, providing a unique gaming experience.
Bluemouth, headquartered in Melbourne, is a prominent video game distribution business operating across Australia and New Zealand. They offer a wide range of gaming products, including gaming chairs.
The company’s gaming chairs, with prices starting at $649 for the large frame and $749 for the XL variant, have been in high demand due to their ergonomic design, breathable materials, and versatile features like omnidirectional armrests.
As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Bluemouth remains at the forefront, providing gamers with innovative and high-quality accessories to enhance their gaming experience.

Listen to our interview with Duggan here.

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