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By June Ramli

Melbourne, Oct 6: Crank, an Australian initiative, is pioneering a transformative approach to empower neurodiverse individuals by merging gaming and career coaching to help them pursue their dreams and goals.
Conceived by a seasoned professional with a strong educational background and a deep understanding of the disability employment service sector, Crank CEO Damian Anderson addresses the distinct challenges faced by individuals who are neurodiverse or on the autism spectrum.
Traditional employment services often fall short in meeting their diverse needs, typically focusing on securing short-term jobs that may not align with their interests or potential.
Crank offers an innovative alternative.

Damian Anderson, CEO of Crank.
Damian Anderson, CEO of Crank.

The program places a strong emphasis on assisting participants in envisioning their careers, just like anyone else, and provides coaching in various career pathways customized to their interests and capabilities.
Currently, Crank offers coaching in approximately 25 different career fields, including cybersecurity, programming, game design, and YouTube content creation. booth at PAX. booth at PAX.

At the core of Crank’s approach lies the use of gaming as a means to foster connections among participants and build a supportive community.
Many of its participants share a passion for gaming and technology, creating an environment where they can form friendships and connect with coaches and mentors who share their interests.
This sense of belonging and shared passion helps reduce anxiety and provides a solid foundation for personal growth.
Crank’s team consists of patient and empathetic coaches who possess a genuine interest in gaming and a sincere commitment to the participants they support. booth at PAX. booth at PAX.

While some coaches have professional backgrounds in areas such as psychology, trauma recovery, and social skills, their primary role is that of mentors and friends rather than therapists.
They work collaboratively to help individuals surmount barriers, cultivate friendships, and enhance their communication and social skills.
The program offers a blend of one-on-one and group coaching, with a focus on essential life skills, time management, social skills, and learning skills relevant to the workplace.
Coaches also provide technical training in fields such as 3D modeling, game design, and other areas aligned with participants’ career aspirations. booth at PAX. booth at PAX.

Notably, Crank is not simply an employment service.
It transcends conventional models by closely collaborating with participants to identify their goals and tailor coaching to their specific needs.
The program primarily serves individuals under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia, with participants paying a weekly fee based on their level of support.
Crank takes pride in its inclusive approach and its dedication to providing an enriching experience.
The program also organizes holiday programs complete with gaming sessions, social activities, and a strong sense of community.
As Crank continues to extend its influence and impact, it stands as a shining example of innovation in the disability support sector, offering individuals with disabilities the chance to dream, learn, and thrive like never before.
Its success underscores the power of blending passion, gaming, and tailored coaching to empower individuals and reshape lives.
For further information about Crank and its programs, interested individuals and families can explore their offerings through word-of-mouth referrals and direct inquiries at

Anonymous Neurodiverse Student Shares Insights on NDIS Support

ANON, 21, a recipient of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support, shared her experiences with career development and educational assistance provided by professionals provided by
ANON has been under the NDIS program for approximately a year and expressed gratitude for the help she has received. While ANON did not specify the nature of her disability, she emphasized that her intelligence disability prompted her to seek support.
Her journey began when her professional therapist introduced her to a program that focused on career development, particularly in fields like 2D and 3D game design. ANON currently studies at RMIT University and is set to graduate this year, with the financial support of NDIS.
While ANON has not secured an internship at present, she remains optimistic about future opportunities in game design or journalism. Her interest in journalism centers around writing for gaming-related content.
ANON has also dabbled in 3D modeling and digital illustration.
The NDIS program provides her with personalized coaching sessions tailored to her needs. These coaching sessions cover a wide range of topics, from website content creation to time management and study assistance.
ANON receives one-on-one coaching as needed, and she also participates in group sessions scheduled weekly. These group sessions offer a platform for ANON and her peers to collaborate and learn together, enhancing their skills and knowledge.
The NDIS program has played a crucial role in ANON’s educational journey, providing the support and guidance she needs to excel in her studies.
She commends the program for its flexibility and the personalized assistance it offers to individuals with diverse needs.

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