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Sydney, Oct 6: In a touching story of paternal love and inspiration, Australian father Pete Gatt turned a simple childhood loss into a valuable life lesson for his son, Charlie.
On Charlie’s 3rd birthday, when his beloved red balloon floated away, Gatt embarked on a mission to help his son cope with the loss, laying the foundation for an inspiring children’s book.
“It happened on his 3rd birthday! It was the first time I had ever experienced him distraught with loss and uncontrollably upset,” said Gatt, reflecting on that memorable day.
“I felt like I just had to do something because I wasn’t expecting him to be that upset, and I wanted to immediately help him not feel the pain of permanent loss.”
Pete’s ingenious solution was to spin a tale that would not only console Charlie but also ignite his imagination and aspirations.
With the suggestion that the lost red balloon was on the moon, Pete planted the seeds of a dream in his young son’s mind.
“I want him to be an astronaut one day,” Gatt said, and thus began the journey of “Moon Balloon.”
Collaborating with illustrator Luciana Andreux, Gatt transformed this heartwarming story into a beautifully illustrated children’s book, “Moon Balloon,” starring Charlie and his red balloon.
However, this book is not merely about a lost balloon; it’s a profound exploration of resilience and the cycle of life.
The story imparts valuable lessons to children, teaching them how to cope with adversity, manage their emotions, and embrace the idea of leaving their own legacy.
Gatt emphasizes the importance of planning and perseverance, teaching children that “there is always a plan, even if it is a big, long plan. Put steps in place of what you do.”
In “Moon Balloon,” young readers join Charlie as he embarks on a mission to retrieve his red balloon from the moon, building the skills and determination required to reach his goal.
Gatt’s books aim to help parents explain real-life events and career aspirations to their kids in a more child-friendly and relatable way.
His first book, “Moon Balloon,” is a testament to his dedication to nurturing children’s dreams and teaching them life’s important lessons.
Co-author Luciana Andreux, a design coach, product designer, illustrator, and storyteller, poured her passion for illustration into bringing “Moon Balloon” to life.
Her dream of illustrating a book has finally come true, and her artwork adds depth and emotion to this heartwarming story.
Moon Balloon” is available at various stockists, including Booktopia, Amazon, QBD Books, and Barnes and Noble.

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